The Sudden Rise of Serious Scooter Accidents
Emergency rooms are flooded with injured scooter riders as high as a 1000 a month. Not the best stat for 2018. C|NET Nov 28

Silicon Valley is again disrupting. This time it a new class of injuries and dangerous streets. Scooters were the ‘solution’ to the list mile—but consequences are causing deadly results.

“This is disruptive technology” said Dr. Christopher Ziebell, ER medical didr4edcor oat Austin’s Dell Seton Medical Center, “but this time the disruption is disrupting forearms, elbows and heads."
You see them everywhere. Bird or Lime scooters posed in the middle of sidewalks waiting for the next paying customers. They look fun. How many times have you dodged these riders when driving your car?

Bird nor Lime offers any medical insurance for likely injured victims. Those expenses are paid by the one who got hurt – or the taxpayers.

Bird not Lime requires not offers helmets a sure guarantee for a dramatic rise in brain injury cases.

Bird and Lime do have small stickers affixed to their scooters telling customers to wear helmets. But none are available.

Lime reports they have provided over 20 million rides around the world. Bird claims show it given more than 10 million.

Doctors get ready. Most med pay ‘ought’ to pay for your care [excepting CSAA and AAA and a few others]. Most health plans
should pay … but expect patients to pay a hefty co pay.

We have several scooter cases where the driver of the car was a fault. Those cases can be on a lien. Call John or Alex for any questions.

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