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SPOTLIGHT: Intense Ventural Trial - Necessary Care or Not?

Defendant hotly disputed Amber's complaints. Defendant was willing to pay ONLY 4 months of post-accident care.
The usually conservative Ventura jury determined the value of her case was $120,606. Which included past medical expenses of $50,000, past loss of earnings $10,606, past pain and suffering $25,000 and future medical care and pain and suffering for $35,000.

Bell vs Aceves Ventura Superior Court, January 24, 2018, Hon Judge John Rosenberg.


--Proving MPS is a challenge. You need high quality doctors and a credible patient to convince the jury. Make sure your patient is honest and straight forward.

--Again, Loss of Earnings and Future Damages are exactly HALF of the award. Always focus on future physical pain issues when you report on your patient.



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Farmers Cut Acupuncture MedPay - Are Chiropractors Next?
Something new and sinister for working doctors. Farmers which corners the auto MVA market at 20% in California is denying ALL acupuncture PI care. Despite acupuncture's mainstream acceptance in Workers Comp. Even Kaiser and UCLA offer Acupuncture.
Part C of Farmer's new policy, under Necessary Medical Services "do not mean"
  • Acupuncture
  • Hot tubs
  • Exercise equipment
  • Heating devices
  • Membership Health Club
This is the first major insurance carrier beginning to chip away against alternative care practitioners.
Ask johntawlian@shawnsteel.com for a copy of this new policy.
4 Types of Brain Injuries & 3 Levels of Severities

Scientists have learned much in the last 10 years and this science is complicated.
PI doctors must be acutely aware of how to diagnose and care for Traumatic Brain Injury [TBI] cases.
Injuries to the brain, skull and scalp need careful investigation.
There are 4 types of TBI's:

1. Concussion: usually a minor brain injury, caused by sudden change in movement. Generally, not seen through an imaging test. Cause headaches, concentration and memory loss. Much more dangerous if there are repeated concussions.


2. Contusion: a bruise on the brain tissue. Just like you can see on the skin. Breaking and leaking of small blood vessels. This could build pressure inside the head. This often happens with a DIRECT blow to the head [side window or slip and fall]


3. Penetrating Injury: when an object pierces though the skull.


4. Anoxic Brain Injury: brain starves of oxygen. Often from serious trauma.

For an article about this expanding area for PI doctors contact John Tawlian via email by clicking here.
Next PI issue: The 3 levels of TBI

ANSWERS to Feb. 9 PI Survey

How many times in your career have you experienced a post payment audit? (Including private insurance or PI)
  • Never   -   81.82%
  • Once   -   0.00%
  • Twice   -   13.64%
  • Three times or more     -   4.55%
If you were audited, what percentage were for Personal Injury Cases?
  • 0%   -   85.71%
  • 1%-25%   -   7.14%
  • 26%-50%   -   7.14%
  • 51%-75%   -   0.00%
  • 76%-100%   -     0.00%
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