Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers

Shawn Steel Law Firm cares about you, your family, and your legal problems. We will strive to provide high quality, dynamic, and dependable legal representation to our clients and their doctors. Our leadership and strong reputation will assure just compensation for you and your patients. We look forward to helping you receive the justice you deserve.

We have History of Results

Over the years, attorney Shawn Steel has achieved dozens of six- and seven-figure verdicts. More importantly, the defendants’ settlement offers in those cases were a fraction of the verdicts our clients were awarded. That tells you that the outcomes resulted from our litigation skills. Our reputation as litigators helps us negotiate settlements, because when our clients are not offered what they deserve, we are fully prepared to go to trial and win, and the defendants know it. That’s what prompts top-dollar settlements. In fact, we win over 91 percent of our cases.

You Can Afford Us

We do not charge consultation fees and we will come to you, anywhere in California, and our clients pay no legal fees or litigation costs out of pocket. No pressure. Just explanations. Then you can make an informed decision — when it suits you.

We Can Address Your Medical Needs

We have connections statewide. Need medical treatment? No insurance? No problem. We can arrange treatment for you with first-rate healthcare providers who will defer payment until we win your accident claim.

Experienced Lawyers Handle Your Case Personally

Attorney Shawn Steel has litigated cases for over 32 years. Shawn is one of the most respected trial lawyers in the state. He also lectures across the country to doctors and lawyers on ethics, and personal injury issues. He has been selected annually for inclusion in Southern California Super Lawyers + magazine, an honor bestowed on only 5 percent of lawyers in the region. You can meet with us, talk with us, Skype, or call us on our cell phone. You will not be lost in the shuffle.

Wrongful Death

A person who has lost a partner, parent, or child due to a wrongful death might wonder why an attorney could be of use, as the person who has disappeared out of one’s life cannot be returned. The reason being is you may wish to use an attorney because you want to seek your own redress for the loss of someone who meant a great deal to you.

Personal injury attorneys like ourselves pursue compensation claims for the family of a victim of a wrongful death. This type of death is not a simple closed case of a life lost, but has been caused by someone else due to their negligent action. It basically should not have happened and if the person at fault had paid more attention, it quite simply would not have happened.

If you have lost the sole provider for your family then you could suffer financially. This could be avoided if you file a wrongful death claim, as you can include any financial hardship in your claim as a result of the wrongful death. This is what we specialize in and that is ensuring our clients are well catered for financially when a victim loses his or her life at the hands of someone else.

Personal Injury

Apart from wrongful death claims we also deal with claims for the range of personal injuries that have been inflicted on a victim in an accident that was not their fault. Unless our injuries require us to take a substantial period of time off work, many of us will just carry the financial cost of a few days off the job to rest and recover after an accident.

However, when a more serious injury takes place which might take weeks, months or even years to recover from, then the state of your finances will be of great concern to you. This is when our services at Shawn Steel Law Firm are of most use. It is your legal right to file a damages claim against the person who caused your injury. It doesn’t matter in what circumstances the accident took place. It could be as a pedestrian on a sidewalk or as a car driver who is confronted with a reckless driver who was operating a motorcycle, truck or car.

What is most important is the extent of the injuries and their short or long term effects. This will determine how much the compensation should be. A minor injury such as whiplash may appear of little consequence in the first week following the accident, but soon becomes debilitating when the neck remains constantly sore. A victim who did not think it was necessary to file a claim might then wish they had, when doctor’s visits and time off work become regular events in the recovery time.

The More Serious Injuries

One of the most serious injuries is a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which is when the victim loses complete contact with everything around them. It is necessary to care for this person 24/7 and it not only takes its toll on the family involved, both physically and emotionally, but it is almost like losing that person altogether. The victim could have been a parent, which may put a strain on family finances. If the victim had a job or career at the time of the accident, a child might need lifelong care.

In order to maintain quality of life the family is accustomed to, money will have to be available. We deal with injuries that have been caused by the negligent actions of others. These may seem clear cut to the victim, but an amount needs to be negotiated between the person at-fault and their insurer and you, the plaintiff. The reliability of our service rests on us maintaining regular and honest dialogue with our clients. Our excellent reputation has been built on these principles and we never intend to lose it as we have offered satisfaction to so many clients over the years.

Proving Negligence

Before a claim is taken on by us, we ensure that we are able to access all the necessary evidence that will prove negligence on the part of the person deemed at fault. If we do not think that the evidence has the weight needed for a successful outcome then we will not waste any more time and we will give you our honest opinion. However, if we have confirmed that the person at-fault is unquestionably guilty we will take the matter through the courts to ensure a fair compensation payment is sought and won. Our experience as true professionals means we always take the right path when dealing with our clients.

We Can All Afford a Good Attorney

You may be sitting at home right now, never having had the need or desire to take on the services of an attorney. Things could change for you; one of your family members gets injured in a car accident and it was not their fault. The police intend to take action, but what consolation is that to you and your family? You are left with having to bear the brunt of the cost of the accident. You don’t need to suffer in this way due to the negligence of someone else. We offer a fee payment system that will not leave you out of pocket. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose when you take on our services.

Once you take up our services, at some point you will have to pay a contingency fee. To guarantee you get the quality of service you deserve, paying a fee is necessary but you do not pay anything until you receive your damages payment. This allows any U.S. citizen the opportunity to choose any attorney they wish. There is no need to seek out a poorer quality service – you can choose the best.

How Do I Pay the Fee?

Once you have taken up our services, the first consultation is completely free, so at this point we will establish if your case is eligible for compensation from the person who has caused your injuries. Once confirmed, we will begin all the necessary negotiations with the insurer and the person at-fault. All the essential information such as medical reports, police accident reports, witnesses’ statements, and receipts for medical treatment will be compiled and presented to the parties concerned. Once a final agreement is reached, then the payment will be made. If there is any dispute concerning the final amount and a court appearance is required to get the payment you rightfully deserve then we will argue vigorously on your behalf until we are satisfied. If, in the unlikelihood, your appointed attorney loses the case, then you will owe us nothing. Shawn Steel Law Firm will pay all the outstanding costs.

The Claim is Won First

Once the case has been won and the payment has been received, we will go ahead and deduct from the cash amount for our contingency fee. The percentage deducted will fall somewhere between 33 and 50 percent of the payment. This is worked out based on the amount of work the attorney has done to ensure a successful outcome. When we negotiate your compensation claim, we ensure all your losses and hardships are covered, as well as our contingency fee too.

We don’t conceal anything from you, but we are open and honest when it comes to arguing and winning your case. You can be rest assured that your interests are our main concern and we don’t want you to have to shoulder any unnecessary burden when it comes to your compensation claims. You have enough worries of your own dealing with the impact of unwanted injuries.

Closure is Important for You

Our commitment to take up cases for any deserved personal injury victim means that no one loses out. We don’t discriminate in any way at all. We are impartial but always take each and every case seriously from the start to the receiving of the compensation payment. We are there for you so that you can reach closure on a situation that you never wished upon yourself. We intend to ease the burden for you so that you are satisfied that you have been able to get some redress from the person who has imposed such a harsh impact on your life.

Our attorneys at Shawn Steel Law Firm feel a good day’s work has been done with all the adversity in your life when we can bring back a smile to your face. We intend to continue being successful providing solutions for victims of personal injury for years to come.