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State Bar Regresses on Bad Attorneys

We received a letter dated December 1, 2016 from the Chief Trial Counsel Intake Unit for one case where a DC complained that an attorney violated his written pledge lien, failed to pay the DC his fee when the case settled.
The Bar states the Patient must ALSO complain to get the State Bar moving.
To get a copy of the letter email John Tawlian.


--Next time you file a complaint to the State Bar when attorneys ignore paying your lien, always have the patient co-sign the complaint.

--If the patient is "not available" or will not help, you might have to sue the patient in Small Claims.



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Lewkovich: Failing to Prove FUNCTIONAL IMPROVEMENT can be a death blow to good PI Cases
A common device to cut DC bills is when the DC does not "monitor functional improvement throughout the PI case." We agree with Lewkovich and failure to show 'improvement' hurts good PI cases. Why?
Because if there is NO proof of improvement [functional studies] the patient's impairment may very well be "pre-existing". Some defense MD's charge that the DC is breaching the "standard of care" by this omission.
Would you like to see the newest form proving EVIDENCE OF FUNCTIONAL IMPROVEMENT? Of course.
Contact johntawlian@shawnsteel.com for your copy.
Jury Verdict Santa Barbara County DC patient prevails

Vidal Martinez, 19, was rear-ended in Santa Maria. She and her passenger were taken by ambulance to the local ER. Five days later they began care with Dr. Murphy. 19 Chiropractic treatments were reasonable. 

Defendant argued the ER visit was questionable and chiropractic care unneeded.
Both patients were offered $20,000 to settle. Vidal and her passenger demanded $32,000.

The jury awarded both Vidal and her passenger $43,000. They were also awarded court costs and expert fees.


--Juries are always impressed with an ambulance and ER care.

--The treating DC presented well in front of the jury--was more credible than the DC working for the insurance company.


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