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Newest Scam: Lawyers Buying Your Lien in Advance

Have you received an unbelievable offer from the PI lawyer?


Rather than you having to wait for your fee you can get paid soon after you complete treatment. Interested?


Save time and remove the risk. Get badly needed money to support the clinic.


… but there’s a catch. You have to cut your fee substantially. 50% or more. That means your work is only half as valuable as you thought. In reality, it shows a complete lack of respect by the attorney for the amount of work and the quality of work you are providing your clients. It also undercuts the value of the case before settlement negotiations have even begun. ALSO, depending on how the attorney plays it, it may also be illegal. 


Consider this: If your fees are worth less than a 100% of what you charge, you are overcharging, the lawyer is sabotaging his client’s case, and perhaps defrauding the insurance company. If, however, your bills are reasonable, then your bills and the value of your work should be equal. You should be paid 100%!


Ask yourself, does this pass the smell test? This scam clearly doesn’t smell right. I suspect local district attorneys would look skeptically and suspiciously at this arrangement.


If you have received such an offer, immediately see your NON-PI attorney and get legal advice.


Let us know if you have been approached. We will keep your names protected and confidential and let you know honestly whether you’re being offered a great deal, or something more sinister.


Our staff loves doing this and meeting many old and new friends.


Dr. Lewkovich: Carefully Think About Your PI Exam Tools - Which Are Most Credible?


The key question is objectivity of the testing procedure. The more subjective the measurement the less reliable. Common sense. However, doctors need a balanced approach to prove necessity for care.


According the PI Guru Exam Testing Objectivity reports


Least Objective


·     Pain Levels

·     Muscle Testing

·     Active ROM

·     Unverified Tenderness


More Objective


·     Passive ROM

·     Trigger Pt referral

·     Disguised testing

·     Deep tendon reflexes


Most Objective


·     X-Ray Studies

·     MRIs/CT’s/EDS

·     Inflammation

·     Cuts/bruises/abrasions


For the complete Chart email for your copy


Your staff is your backbone and often the only thing keeping your office running smoothly so you have time to really focus on patient care. That’s why is it so important for you to regularly discuss with your staff, best practices re: PI case work up. I had the pleasure of meeting many of you at our big Advanced PI Seminar a few weeks ago, but I met very few support staff. My hope is that you take some time to reflect on the information you learned that will be valuable to your staff (i.e. billing codes, referrals, attorney communication, etc.) and really ensure your staff has the same understanding you do.


NOTE: Lately I have been attempting to visit as many chiropractors’ offices as I can to tour their facilities and discuss their individual needs, questions, and concerns in PI. If you have some time and would like a visit, please reach out to my office. I’d love to come by!



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Mass Tort v. USAA Med Pay


USAA’s reputation for cheating on med pay is well documented and nationwide. Many states now have class action, mass torts or multiple bad faith cases against USAA for his pattern and practice.


USAA systematically Delays, Discounts and Denies legitimate chiropractic fees.


We are working with several attorneys to create a mass tort against USAA. But we need your help. The only way to change USAA’s behavior is for them to face juries explaining their predatory practices in cheating their own insureds.


We suggest if you are concerned about USAA’s bad faith behavior – join us. Here is what we need:


·     Identify all your USAA med pay claims

·     Review your paper work to see how often you billed and how much you have received for your fees.

·     If you have a case with USAA that is unfair - bring it to our attention.

·     Also get your patient’s permission to discuss this matter with us.

·     Call or email for any questions.



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