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Nearly 43,000 People Died on US Roads Last Year, Agency Says

May 19, 2022

By The Associated Press May 18, 2022 DETROIT—Nearly 43,000 people were killed on U.S ...

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The Key to Chiropractic's Future Is More Education – But Not Your Own

Mar 08, 2022

By Alexander Eisner, Esq. March 1, 2022 As a PI attorney who does a good amount of tea ...

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Don't Risk Your License! Ethics Rules to Remember

Oct 25, 2021

By Alexander Eisner, Esq. Nov 1, 2021 Despite sitting through two hours of mandatory e ...

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Don’t Take That Patient! When Chiropractors and Lawyers Must Say ‘No’

Sep 02, 2021

By Dennis Beaver August 24, 2021 Today’s story will be of special interest to both c ...

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The Lies We Tell

Sep 02, 2021

By Alexander Eisner, Esq. Sep 01, 2021 Attorneys don't enjoy the best reputation as a ...

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The Art of the Deposition

Jun 09, 2021

by: By Alexander Eisner, Esq. June 01, 2021 Deposition – a word that strikes fear in ...

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Top 5 Value Drivers in Personal-Injury Cases

Feb 12, 2021

by: By Alexander Eisner, Esq. Jan 27, 2021 Sometimes personal-injury work can feel a b ...

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Are Lawyers Who Pocket Your MedPay Committing Fraud?

Sep 28, 2020

By Alexander Eisner, Esq. The following is a controversial statement: Attorneys who col ...

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When Lawyers Refuse to Pay a Client's Doctor Bill

Aug 28, 2020

It's more common than you might think in personal injury lawsuits, and doctors, chiropra ...

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