Shawn Steel Law Firm is a civil trial law firm with emphasis in all areas of personal injury and civil law.


we have trial cases in all major jurisdictions and offer the full extent of our legal resources to every client

As contingency-fee based attorneys there are NO INITIAL FEES BURDENING THE CLIENT. THE ATTORNEY GETS PAID

Vision Statement

Shawn Steel Law Firm make it an important concern to care about you and your family’s legal needs. We offer all the support that is required to make a satisfactory compensation claim for all the different kinds of personal injuries that you may have encountered due to another person’s negligence. We will undertake to provide you with vigorous superior quality and reliable legal representation to you and all of our clients. Our strong leadership and enviable reputation will ensure impartial compensation is sought for our clients.

Individual Rights Come First

We make the undertaking that while we pursue a just resolution to all types of civil cases, we also emphasize the need to uphold individuals’ rights. By doing this, we offer everyone the chance to ensure that they are treated justly regardless of income status by providing a cost-effective service that is both of the highest quality possible and is tailored to meet individual requirements. We will persevere until we accomplish the targets that we set for our clients.

Client Focused

When our attorneys deal with their clients they are respectful and courteous. We act on your behalf by ensuring that:

  •  We use all our competence and diligence, which is a mark of the high standards of service our profession offers
  •  We use our extensive knowledge to determine the best response to your situation
  •  We explain our fee structures clearly and the methods used for recouping the fees
  •  We never leave you in the dark about your case’s progress
  •  We keep regular contact with you as the case progresses

Our Mission

To pursue vigorous and fair resolution of civil cases, with a commitment to serve as an advocate for the rights of
all individuals. We have a simple mission to provide high quality, cost-effective and customized legal services to
families and businesses.