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    PI Email Alert - September 8, 2017
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Department of Insurance (DOI) takes legal action against Access Insurance

Access Insurance is a bottom feeder auto carrier. Meaning they generally insure only the highest risk drivers with minimal coverage of $15,000 per person.

Lawyers, victims and regulators are complaining that Access is out of control. Complaints such as not paying a claim after agreement, not returning calls to victims and not answering questions from the DOI. If Access fails to comply the DOI inquiries, the DOI will set a public hearing that may force Access out of the California market.

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Arbitration Award after dispute over extent of injuries: LA County - DC played a big role
24-year-old Caitlin Owens had a green light in Hollywood and planned to turn left. An underinsured motorist Yehoran Efrati, ran a red light. The heavy impact caused Caitlin's car to spin around. Caitlin's head hit the driver's side window. At Cedars Sinai ER, she complained of pain on the left side of her body, left neck strain, left chest wall contusion and upper left partial aspect of her head.
Caitlin began a conservative treatment with her chiropractor and tried acupuncture with her DC's referral.  Over six months later she stopped all care for one year. She then returned to her DC where she was referred to a pain management MD. Caitlin received sub acromial steroid injections for an impingement syndrome. Her pain did not resolve. She was referred to the Santa Monic Orthopedic Group where she was diagnosed with labral tear and impingement syndrome. She underwent a left shoulder arthroscopic type 2 SLAP repair and direct posterior labral tear repair
Defense argued that Caitlin only suffered impingement syndrome which aggravated a pre-existing thoracic outlet syndrome. That most of her complaints for a 24 year was 'pre-existing'.
Defendant offered $75,000
Plaintiff demanded $165,000
Arbitrator Darrell Forgey, Esq awarded $167,283.81 but reduced by 10% for gap in care.
Caitlin Owens vs. Allstate Indemnity 
  • A proper diagnosis can justify future care - even with gap in care. 

Lewkovich: Inherent Problems in Computer Assisted Note Taking: How does this impact the Bullet Proof 3 Page PI Report?
What happens when the computer-generated notes give the insurance company the right to deny your bill?
Whose fault? Yours or your software?
Although the computerized notes are readable, if the content is shallow, it's hard to get paid. The issue of Medical Necessityalways has to be addressed in your chart AND PI report.
If your notes are 90% identical on every date of service, the default carry-over is a big signal to the insurance carrier that specificity is lacking. Your notes are, to put it kindly, inauthentic.
Lewkovich offers the following warnings & explanations: 
  • Over simplified
  • Lack of sufficient choices
  • Redundancy
  • Lack of patient commentary
  • Robotic
With the upcoming Oct 14 Advanced PI Seminar @ LAX we will discuss my new version of a THREE PAGE BULLET PROOF PI REPORT - your report depends greatly on good solid charting.

For a copy of Lewkovich solutions of computer assisted notes, click here to email John Tawlian.


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