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We would like to thank everyone that attended our annual Advanced PI Seminar sponsored by CCA.

It was a sellout and great success! We look forward to seeing you again next year.

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Tues. Nov, 14, 2017

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OC Doctor with Patient Who Suffered TWO Accidents Wins Against Fierce Opposition
Ray Kazemi, while driving his VW Beatle, was rear-ended by a Ford E350 Econoline Van.

Ray was driving to his chiropractor's office because of an accident 6 week earlier. Police were not called.
Soon after Ray went to the Garden Grove Hospital and had a brain CT and CT of his lumbar spine. His DC referred Ray to a Pain Management MD. Subsequent MRI revealed a C5/6 board-based right protrusion with severe central canal stenosis and neuroforaminal stenosis.
Ray continued to treat with his DC and engaged in regular Home Exercise. Much later Ray was referred to prominent neurosurgeon Fardad Mobin MD for evaluation, after further cervical epidurals failed to be effective.
Defendant argued that a] was a minor collision and merely aggravated his prior accident; b] that Ray made a sudden lane shift in front of the Econoline Van creating the accident and c] that surgery was unnecessary. In trial Mobin testified that 90% of Ray's pain came from the 2nd accident.  Mobin estimated future surgery would cost some $360,000.
Dr. Feuerman, the defense's neurosurgeon testified the epidurals were unneeded and there would be no future surgery.
The jury awarded $135,000, April 10th, 2017. Orange County Superior Court Hon Frederick Horn presiding. 
  • Ray was successful in defeating the argument that he caused the accident during defendant's deposition.

  • The great weight of defendant vehicle against Ray's VW beetle was important.

  • The jury believed Ray's doctors over insurance doctors. Quality referrals are crucial.

Introducing the 3 Page Bullet Proof PI Report - Simple & Complete
  1.  Causation of injury
  2.  Pre-existing Medicals issues
  3.  Presenting Complaints 1-10
  4.  Diagnosis
  5.  Additional med providers
  6.  Disabilities of patient
A] Loss of Earnings
B] Activities of Daily Living
C] Permanent Impairment

      7. Prognosis 
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