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Shawn Steel Advanced PI Seminar 
"Making PI Your Best Friend"
Sat., Oct. 14, 2017
8 AM - 5 PM
@ The Westin LAX

Co-Sponsored by CCA
Approved for 8 hrs. 
CE Credit by CBCE

Advanced PI Team:
Sam Collins, 
Gary Lewkovich DC,
Stepan Kasimian MD 
& Shawn Steel

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DC Patient Wins in LA County
While David Myung was driving eastbound on the 134 Freeway, the defendant cut him off and struck his vehicle. The charge against the defendant was difficult to prove as an "unsafe lane change. "
Defendant claimed that Myung rear-ended him!
Myung, 26 years old, claimed cervical and low back injuries.
Myung sought care from his local DC who referred him to a pro chiropractic orthopedist for an evaluation. The orthopedist opined that Myung's low back condition would likely deteriorate requiring surgery and fusion.
The jury agreed with David Myung and awarded $133,351.
Myung vs Washington LA Superior Court, Judge James Kaddo presiding. July 17,2017 
  • This case could have backfired and you would be stuck with an unpaid lien. Always work closely with the attorney to see how much effort is put in "to prove up" the case.
  • Even when an evaluating orthopedist only opines that 'surgery may be necessary" that is still huge news for case.
The Bullet Proof 3 Page PI Report

Writing a narrative report is painful and time consuming for most doctors. Consequently, doctors either delay, refuse or use unqualified computer generated 'fake' reports.

We believe there is a better way. At our Annual PI Advanced Seminar on [Oct 14], I will present an example of how you can cover all the bases without unnecessary work.
The key is to write less and focus on bullet points. For example, some of the Bullet Headnotes that are offered include:
  • One sentence describing accident.
  • Presenting Diagnosis is the key to the entire report.
  • What to do with Orthopedic and Neurological Findings?
  • Emphasis on Pain and Relief
  • A word on pre-existing issues.
  • Prognosis/Sequelae Vital for case value
  • One sentence summary of referral findings
Always state the 3 Disabilities. Succinctly.
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