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1 -- Most of the award was based on lost income and psychological damage.

2 -- Clearly a concussion case, the DC made an amazing referral and captured the essence of the injury.


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Pedestrian vs Auto in San Francisco
Ms. Jiali Xie was walking and crossing the street near her home in San Francisco, when defendant Chen, driving a Toyota Tundra, made a left turn and hit her in the intersection at full speed.

Xie was knocked unconscious to the ground and transported by ambulance to the ER. She suffered post-concussion syndrome,bruised muscles and contusions, no fractures. She received chiropractic care and sought psychiatric treatment for stress and insomnia and she was later diagnosed with acute stress disorder.
Xie incurred medical expenses and a significant wage loss. Xie is an assistant vice president at the Bank of America. She lost 7 months of work.
Allstate claimed Ms. Xie was an inattentive pedestrian. Allstate changed their position when Xie produced a surveillance camera outside her home which recorded the accident. Allstate argued the psychiatric care was unnecessary and she could have returned to work much sooner.
The case was settled at $197,000.
Xie vs. Chen, San Francisco Superior Court. 

New Mandatory PI Chiropractic Protocol by Lewkovich
Mercury recently declared it will question all chiropractic bills that do not have charges for therapeutic exercises.
Dr. Lewkovich suggests that using therapeutic exercises in the office and at the patients' home. The use of a well-defined exercise plan is a huge value driver for PI cases.
Lewkovich answers the question: which exercise rehab protocols are best for Whiplash Injuries? 
  • IN OFFICE Cervical Rebab ought to include a well-designed professional neck exercise machine that should include 6 key features. All these exercises are based on strengthening benefits
Doing IN OFFICE exercise guarantees patient compliance.
  • AT HOME cervical rebab is based on well-designed home therapy. Dr. L offers a complete one page how to guide to give the patient.

Don't forget to review your patient's home exercise program each month under CPT Code 97535.
Contact johntawlian@shawnsteel.com for your copies of the IN OFFICE and AT HOME therapies.
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