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    PI Email Alert - May 9, 2017
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Proving the 'FLARE-UP' - Potent Justification for More Care - Often Overlooked: Lewkovich Form

Distinguishing a FLARE-UP is crucial in many cases. Given that a moderate to serious accident can cause subtle lifetime injuries, a FLARE-UP is a warning that recovery is bumpy and unpredictable.

The key is how to measure a FLARE-UP. Clear, no-nonsense documentation can mean the difference between a clean solid case or one where care is suddenly denied.

To help you document this Dr. Lewkovich offers one of his famous simple and easy forms to use for each FLARE-UP.

A couple of the key points to look for include:

--Diagram the patient's new symptoms.

--Did the patient engage in different self-care after the FLARE-UP?

--What functional loss occurred?

--How much additional care is justified?

--Is a MD evaluation necessary?

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Mercury Argues 6 Mo Chiropractic Care is Unreasonable: Ventura Jury Disagrees

In another surprise, a second good verdict came from conservative Ventura County. Jennifer was rear-ended in an accident that Mercury claimed, "impact was not significant enough to be injury producing"-although her car was towed.
For six months Jennifer saw her DC, plus her health plan's MD and an orthopedist for injuries to her neck, low back and headaches.
The notorious ortho Steven Nagelberg testified that Jennifer should not have treated with a chiropractor for more than 12 visits.  
The total of Jennifer's medical bills were $7,247.00 Before trial Jennifer's attorneys demanded $10,500.00 and Mercury offered $8,500.00. The jury awarded Jennifer an outstanding $17,247.00. Mercury will also have to pay for the testimony of Jennifer's doctors: the chiropractor, the MD and the orthopedist. Mercury will have to spend at least an additional $10,000.00 more.
Jennifer Helchowski vs. Lisa Carol Morris 56-2014-00455520, Ventura Superior Court, Hon. Judge Vincent J. O'Neill, Jr presiding. Dec 16, 2016

  • A 'small' soft tissue case will appeal to a conservative jury if care is reasonable and the car damage credible [car was towed]
  • Attacking a chiropractor for very conservative care, upset several jurors who had good experiences with chiropractors.


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