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    PI Email Alert - June 27, 2017
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Lewkovich's Major PI DX Checklist Form

Biggest Problem: USING LOW LEVEL DX
Solution: Using Smart Trauma Codes
PI Most Popular DX Checklist:

--Post Concussion Syndrome


--Acute - post traumatic headache


--Traumatic Cervical Sprain


-- + Reversal cervical spine


-- + Cervical Nerve root lesion


Also included are the measuring residuals + prognosis and brief comments. And many more.

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Beware of the Tow Truck Driver Defendant
It was tough enough being rear-ended in her Honda - but getting accused by the tow-truck driver of causing the accident was just the beginning of her problems.

Tow truck drivers can be the worst defendants. They drive like cowboys regularly disregarding traffic laws. Professional drivers can't afford to be charged with causing accidents. They will lose their jobs. Often, we get cases that seem clear cut, but the defendant raises so much smoke the "obvious" case is forced into litigation.
This case was not so much about expert medical management-though it went well. An orthopedist was brought in for an expert opinion...a good MRI supported the doctor's diagnosis. Most of the bill were the ER charges.
After extensive depositions and discovery, defense admitted to us their driver was a liar and a "bad" witness. The time spent in litigation took over 1.5 years and costs thousands in court fees to our client.
The case was resolved at Court Order Mediation for $48,750.
Sandra vs. Black's Towing, Riverside Superior Court, May 23, 2017
  • Always be AWARE of tricky liability cases -- the first victim is always the doctor
  • High risk cases deserve to have a strong co-pay with each visit. 
How many accidents are in your neighborhood?

In Seal Beach for example, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety, for 2014 there were a lot of drunk drivers. What about your city? It's easy to look up

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