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Left Turn Accident Leads to Superior Court

Shawna, 44, a counselor was struck in an intersection by a French citizen defendant making an unsafe left turn. Her family doctor recommended Dr. Scott Onoda, DC for care.
Shawna was taken to the ER. Defendant was working for a corporation at the time of the accident.
Shawna had pre-existing cervical disc herniations which were exacerbated, and suffered a new lumbar disc bulge. Both were hurting. After a lengthy DC course of care, Shawna received two epidurals to manage the pain. Shawna still suffers from chronic pain since the accident.
Defendant argued that Shawna only suffered "minor soft tissue" requiring only short-term therapy. Also, defendant claimed that Shawna's pre-existing herniations were the real cause of her chronic pain.
Defendant offered $35,000. But the jury awarded $537,000.  Shawna's combined medical bills were $58,919.60.
Shawna Davi vs Holm Industries, Inc.
LA Superior Court, Judge Bobbi Tilmon BC 534 274.

  • Again, having full knowledge of your patient's preexisting history is essential. This shows integrity and a complete understanding of your patient's post-accident condition.
  • Defendant badly errored using Shawna's bad back history to defeat her claim---who doesn't have some preexisting history?


Key Questions to Ask Your Patient about their Pre-Existing Injuries
As noted in the case to the right, pre-existing injuries serve as a barrier against good claims by insurance companies.
We are offering a check list of questions to ask your patients who had prior serious injuries or prior surgeries that were aggravated by the current accident. This will help you determine if any apportionment is needed in your prognosis. Moreover, a good pre-existing history will avoid the traps set by insurance companies.
  1. Health status prior to the accident
  2. Prior worker comp or PI claims
  3. Prior ER admissions
  4. Basic 10-year medical history
  5. List of prior doctors last 10 years.

For a complete copy of the checklist, click to email: Lisa Brown.

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