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    PI Email Alert - July 12, 2017
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Lewkovich: Avoid Case Killing Mistakes

The Master considers a streamline approach at the FIRST eval with your new PI patient to AVOID Case Killers.
Remember no one is happy if the key doctor accidently sabotages a perfectly sound PI case.
Questions to consider: 
  1. Bio-mechanical proof of the Injury
  2. Immediate complaints
  3. If potential TBI - was the head directly impacted, i.e. an Air Bag? 
  4. Immediate pictures of bruises 
  5. Getting records from ER 
  6. What RXs is patient taking and why? 
  7. Major Pre-existing issues 
Many more key questions: for your copy of the 5 page intake form, click to email: John Tawlian.

Slip & Fall Knee Injury: Defense Claim Six Prior Knee Surgeries

Joe, 51, a self-employed plastics fabricator, was a guest at the Ritz Carlton in Lake Tahoe. He was with his girlfriend watching a meteor shower near the outside fire pit around 1:00 am. When entering the hotel lobby, they walked toward the elevator, Joe slipped on a wet floor that had just been mopped. Joe was observed by witnesses to hyper-extend his knee and was transported to the ER.
Defendant argued that Joe had been drinking and should have seen the "wet floor" sign. Also, Joe had 6 prior knee surgeries when he was a teenager. Plus Joe had other slip and fall workers comp claims.
Joe had to get a total knee replacement due to this accident. His total medical bills were $83,553.
Defendant denied liability and claimed Joe's knee problem was degenerative and unrelated to this slip and fall.
The jury in conservative Placer County awarded $208,553 plus attorney fees and costs. They found Joe was 1% at fault.
Borowski vs. Ritz-Carlton - Friday January 6, 2017. Judge Jeffrey Penney. SCV 003 4735. Placer Superior Court. 
  • No need to avoid pre-existing injuries. Juries understand a prior bad condition is easily exacerbated.
  • Even with proof of drinking and one sign posted, the jury believed the Ritz caused a dangerous condition.
  • Total Knee Replacement is a serious surgery and easily appreciated.
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