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1) Do you use "In Office" Exercise therapy for your PI patients?

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2) Do you use "In Home" Exercise therapy for your PI patients?

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Often LOSS OF EARNINGS is the single largest component on good PI cases. The doctor's job is to document the TIME the patient lost. 


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Congratulations to OC DC Todd Simpson - big victory against Allstate
Christie Wilson 46, was injured in an admitted rear-ender accident. She suffered neck and low back strains.  Especially important she was unable to begin as specialty shoe sales person at SAS Shoes. The owner testified she would have been paid a salary of $150,000.
Allstate vigorously disputed the whole loss of earnings claim.
Defendant ortho, Daniel Kaplan, MD testified Christie's injuries should have resolved with only 8 to 10 physical therapy visits. Dr. Simpson DC of Brea testified Christie had some 53 visits in 9 months, yet her pain was now "chronic".
The Defense CPA argued there was not sufficient documentation to justify any loss of earnings.
By the time of trial, Christie had over $12,000 in orthopedic, pain management, MRI and chiropractic bills and some $594,623 in lost earnings.
Allstate offered $10,000, plaintiff demanded $100,000.
Judge Gregory Lewis awarded $669,623.
Allstate will have to pay over $700,000 by adding expert costs incurred by Christie and interest.
Wilson vs Adams Interiors, Inc, Orange County Superior Court, Hon Gregory Lewis, Sep 28, 2017 

All the Smart Doctors use Small Claims Court
A doctor from Pennsylvania recently contacted me asking how to sue an attorney who didn't pay his PI lien.
I have read many of your articles regarding chiropractors not getting paid by their patient's attorney. I wanted to let you know I followed your steps and today went to court representing myself in small claims court against the attorney. Oh, and I won the case. Thanks for the articles, they were of great assistance."
Mike DC, Philadelphia, PA
Yes, even Pennsylvania has Small Claims. Following our advice - see Click HERE for Lien Collection Kit.
Mike practices in Philadelphia. The PI attorney signed a "letter of protection" similar to a California Lien. Dr. Mike collected the $5000 PIP/Med Pay, but had a balance due. The attorney settled the case - but would not pay the balance. Dr. Mike asked nicely using our form letter. The Philadelphia lawyer ignored the request. Dr. Mike filed in Small Claims and the lawyer showed up snorting specious arguments. The judge had many questions about the billing AND if the attorney received notice. Dr Mike was prepared answering all the judge's questions.  
Award: $2,600 plus court fees. This is one spanking this attorney will not forget.
When either med pay or an attorney denying payment, Small Claims is usually the best answer.

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