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    PI Email Alert - April 27, 2017
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The Gap in Care Solution Form by Lewkovich

Some really great cases get destroyed because of an unexplained GAP IN CARE in the middle of the treatment program. Often COLOSSUS will stop any evaluation after the first unexplained GAP.

Patients who have an 'abnormal' treatment regimen is NOT unusual. Patients are more mobile and multi-tasking. Most of our patients are middle class with serious financial obligations they have to meet---despite the pain from trauma.
Dr. Lewkovich offers the Maximizing the Benefits of the GAP in Treatment Form.  Some of the questions that the patient completes asks:

What did you do for self-treatment?

Any treatment by others?

What specifically pulled you away from care?
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OC Verdict starting with Chiro Care close to $2.7 Million Verdict

David & Leah were T-boned by an on-duty OC sheriff. Both saw a chiropractor and received months of care. Leah complained of mid back pain but did not complain about any head injury-at the time. At trial, it was argued she suffered a brain injury and chronic pain via facet syndrome in her thoracic spine.
She had 'normal 'MRI's and x rays. She did complain about mild headaches and showed a small laceration to the left side of her head. Nothing about a concussion or post causation. Then she began to experience anxiety attacks and depression. She had a preexisting history of depression. Her treating doctor stated to the jury that: "headaches, anxiety and short term memory loss" are consistent with a traumatic brain injury. Before trial Leah underwent a PET scan which showed less metabolic activity in the exact area where she sustained her head injury.
The jury awarded Leah: $10,000 past medical bills, $149,000 future medical bills and $65,000 past lost earnings, $500,000 future loss earnings, $500,000 for past pain and suffering and $250,000 for future pain and suffering. TOTAL $ 1,474,000.   
David had a back injury with lumbar radiculopathy and shoulder pain. At the accident, David only complained about the shoulder---a week after he noted his increasing his LBP. Defense argued that David injuries were preexisting degeneration. David underwent a lumbar disc replacement and still has residual back pain. He will also need future surgery and pain management.
The jury awarded David: $169,000 past medical bills, $250,000 future medical bills, $ 23,000 past loss of earnings, $50,000 future loss of earnings, $300,000 past pain and $ 250,000 for future pain. TOTAL $ 1,042,000.
Orange County Superior Court, Hon Judge Lusebrink presiding. March 27, 2017
  • What started as a muscular skeletal case soon mushroomed into a brain injury & surgical case.
  • The DC gets enormous credit for listening carefully to both his patients. Making life changing referrals.
  • Note the jury awarded money in specific categories. Past and Future medical bills. Past and Future loss of earnings. 


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