Plaintiff in Rear-Ender with disputed injuries; One Million Los Angeles County
Rene Bravo, a 53-year-old box designer was at a complete stop in his Chevy Tahoe on the 110 freeway. He was struck by defendant driving a Ford F-150. Both cars were towed showing high impact and serious damages.

Rene suffered serious chronic low back pain. Proven in trial were disc protrusions of 5.6 mm at L4-L5 and 6-7 mm at L5-S1. Dr. Phillip Rake DC, Montrose managed this case. Orthopedist Stepan Kasimian MD testified for Mr. Bravo. 

Defendant offered only $10,000. Bravo demanded $100,000.

The Verdict was $1,075,000. Trial was 4 days. Jury deliberated 1 hour and 20 minutes. Jury Poll was 12-0.

Bravo vs. Garcia Honorable Charles Palmer. LA Superior Court BC 604 4951; November 29, 2018.

Practice Tips:

  • Dr. Rake made excellent referrals and was clearly prepared for trial;
  • A credible honest patient is at least 50% of the value of any PI case;
  • A smart pro chiropractic MD is essential in winning big.

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