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Monday, July 27, 2020
Are 30 Visits Over-treatment for PI Cases?

When the Defense claims that the "average" chiropractic patient has only 6 visits with managed care companies, then how does the DC justify 30 visits? That's literally 5 x more than the average!

This 'red herring' is easy to attack but can catch many doctors by surprise. 

The real question is: Is Trauma Different?

Of course! Chiropractors must give more care to trauma cases than other spinal injury cases. 

Dr. Gary Lewkovich, the PI Guru, explains the difference; Increased Hypermobility or Hypomobility is usually caused by a sudden violent impact. 

Patients can suffer a highly unstable spinal joint. Or, a highly hypermobile joint complex is increase destabilization.

To get the Lewkovich Chart: Trauma and Spinal Joint Motion Continuum, email John Tawlian at johntawlian@shawnsteel.com .
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Edited by John Tawlian, Alexander C. Eisner & Lisa Kim Brown