Monday - July 19, 2021
Possible future surgery: Patient's insurance company forced to pay $178,000
On March 15, 2018, G. Wallace was in an automobile crash on Highway 101 in Marin County. The defendant paid his maximum policy of $15,000. Wallace then made a UIM claim through his own auto insurance policy.

Wallace’s chiropractor directed him to an orthopedist and PMR to confirm his findings.

Wallace claimed he will face surgery in the future. He already incurred $38,000 in medical bills and over $15,000 loss of earnings.

Wallace suffered back strain, knee contusions, a torn meniscus, and torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders. UIM claimed Wallace suffered these conditions long before the accident and argued his care was not consistent with the claimed injuries.

Wallace demanded $190,000.
UIM offered to pay $65,000.

Judge Tad Shapiro disregarded the UIM claims and awarded $178,000 to Wallace.


  • Over 25% of PI cases are resolved through Underinsured Motorist (UIM) coverage. Always tell your patients to buy high Med Pay and UIM coverage. 
  • Wallace did not get any surgery. However, the Judge believed Wallace was likely a candidate and gave a good award. 
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