What does an honest chiropractic reviewer look for? A new form by Gary Lewkovich

Not all DC reviewers are hacks, so says Dr. Gary.

Hacks are paid to negate or delay payment against honest treating chiropractors. Although there are too few honest reviewers, look for the following issues:

Areas of Concern for Honest Reviewers = total of 40:

  No symptoms in first 2 weeks
  Atypical symptoms
  No care for 30 days
  No complaints at the scene
  Low value diagnosis
  No re-evaluations to justify continuing care
  No documented improvement

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Worst 5 Major Insurance Companies in Recent Survey: Consumer Rating
#1   Allstate
#2   21St Century - purchased by Farmers 2009
#3   Esurance -purchased by Allstate 2011
#4   Travelers
#5   Mercury
By Jayleen Heft, Nov 19, 2015 Property Casualty360

Trouble Collecting Your PI Lein? Hire a Lawyer?

We believe in self-help and not paying attorneys for chiropractic collections. Michael Coates is our exception to the Rule.

We've known Michael for years. We've referred cases to him. We do not get paid recommending his name.

What he does is to vigorously go after a dishonest PI attorney to collect on your PI lien. Whatever the PI attorney offered you, he will give you 100% credit. Coates then goes after the remainder that is due. Afterwards, Coates will split the difference with you.

If you have a stubborn case, contact Mr. Coates. And be sure to keep us informed if he is helpful.

Michael Coates Sr., Esq.
Contact MLR 714-470-2927

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Santa Barbara Victory -
Congrats Dr. Sonny Okada DC

In a hotly contested trial, the jury believed Dr. Okada DC and not the highly paid orthopedist nor the neuro-radiologist.

His patient Edwin Alvarez, 36, was driving on Highway 154 after leaving the Chumash Casino. Defendant Nielsen was operating his 2005 Ford F-450 truck to make a left turn on to Highway 154 from a dirt road. Alvarez was driving at 45 mph when Nielsen accelerated into his car.

Until the accident Alvarez was working at maintenance and doing heavy labor.

Alvarez was taken by ambulance to the ER. Alvarez then sought care from Dr. Okada. With complaints of lower back pain, radiculopathy, right shoulder pain, neck pain and headaches. After several weeks of care the symptoms were still livid. Dr. Okada made a smart referral to an orthopedist, who after chiropractic care recommended epidural shots with follow up DC care. The MRI showed the necessity of a two-level fusion at L4-5 and L5-S1. Also a MRI showed a rotator cuff shoulder injury which also required surgical intervention.

The total medical bills were $484,000. Plaintiff demanded $1,000,000 policy limits. Defendant offered $500,000. The Jury awarded $1,715,857 including costs.

Santa Barbara Superior Court, May 4, 2016. Judge Timothy Staffel Case Number 146762. Alvarez vs Santa Ynez Feed and Milling

Practice Tips

1)   With a significant impact with very visual damage-always get the pictures-always look for occult injuries;

2)   Referring out significant trauma cases is in accordance with Section 317 of the Chiropractic Act.

3)   If you do not know of pro chiropractic MD's contact us.

Defensed in LA - No complaints at the Scene and the GAP

Again on May 4, an LA Jury ruled against plaintiff Herman Johnson. Defendant admitted liability but that the accident was so "minor that it could not have caused any significant injuries."

The jury - after viewing the evidence, witness statements and pictures of the accident - decided in only one hour the defendant did not hurt Mr. Johnson. Johnson's medical bills exceeded $87,500.

The defense then sued Mr. Johnson personally for the $50,000 they spent defending the case.

Johnson vs Morales LA Superior Court - Van Nuys, Judge Michael Harwin, May 4, 2016.

Practice Tips

1)   UNEXPLAINED PRE EXISTING HISTORY: Johnson had a prior cervical spine fusion which the jury believed was the cause of Johnson's current complaints;

2)   NO COMPLAINTS: Johnson did not complain of any injuries at the scene and promptly flew to Atlanta for a family reunion-very bad fact to the jury;

3)   THE GAP: Johnson started chiropractic care 3 weeks following the accident.