Beware of the this “lien”

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Among the features that will destroy your PI Practice is that the attorney:

1.   Demands you send him your med pay check!
2.   That only 1/3 of settlement monies will be set aside to pay ALL medical bills—guarantees you will never get paid in full.
3.   That you cannot balance bill your patient.
4.   If you don’t not agree to this lien you are told to STOP all care with the patient.

That’s a good idea. You won’t get paid anyway.

This is a good example – you need to immediately discuss with your patient, their right to change and choose a pro chiropractic attorney to replace the bad one.

New Shawn Steel PI Survey
On average, how extensive is your patient's car damage in PI cases?

1.   Their car was drivable immediately after the accident.
2.   Their car was towed initially but was able to be fixed.
3.   Their car was towed and was a total loss.
4.   I don’t ask the patients about the extent of their car damage.

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Advanced PI – Simply the Best 2015

Best Defense Is A Strong Case

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Shawn Steel, Esq
Sam Collins, Billing Expert
Gary Lewkovich, DC
Brilliant Neuro-Surgeon

Saturday, October 24, 2015

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Big Brother is watching you
and your practice

Obamacare aka Affordable Care Act gives the US government power to sue violators for triple damages for false claims. Plus $5,500 to $11,000 for each claim [bill]. “ The Attorney General announced that tracking fraud and abuse would be a top priority for the Dept. of Justice”

Auto Insurance companies are quick to follow the Government’s lead. As Gary Lewkovich states “ gone are the days where auto insurance companies simply deny payment …”

For over 60 years auto carriers have funded the National Insurance Crime Bureau, using former FBI agents and police investigators to study claims made by attorneys and doctors---looking for fraud.

When the NICB believes there is fraud they set up sting operations, prepare the evidence and give the ‘package’ to the local DA. The DA gets the credit for arresting the fraudsters, but Big Insurance pays for the work.

Dr. Lewkovich offers a single page on keys tips to avoid making common errors:

For example:

  Improper treatment patterns
  Atypical billing
  Improper coding

Coding is a huge area given the imposition of the ICD 10 transition.

Merely “being” investigated is dispiriting and designed by Big Insurance to bully honest practitioners. But the best defense is a smart review of the traps.

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