What are the best natural alternatives to typical trauma symptom medications?

Prescriptive medication is the choice of MDs for trauma patients. Gary Lewkovich, DC argues they certainly have value---but what about non-narcotic alternatives?

As Gary points out symptom – suppressive medications can cause side effects. Long term use can create additions. Many chiropractic patients would be more willing to take natural alternatives.

Ask for Gary’s list of Alternatives to Painkillers and Anti-inflammatories—with explanations, such as;

  Omega-3 Fish Oil
  Green Tea
  White Willow Bark

For your copy of this excellent list with summaries email johntawlian@shawnsteel.com

5 Reasons adjusters make low offers
1)   Insurers require adjusters without medical training to second-guess health care professionals;
2)   Adjuster select prognosis codes to lower settlements
3)   Insurers manipulate the Trauma Severity Line
4)   Insurers prohibit information about future probabilities
5)   Adjusters have to process your medical bills through medical re-pricing software.

Practice Tips
  Always use Trauma Codes
  Always give a prognosis-don’t leave it blank
  Always offer info about the patient’s disabilities during care

Shawn Steel Advanced PI Seminar
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Our team:

Shawn Steel, Esq.
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Kern County Case Huge Verdict for DC Trauma Patient

Elizabeth C. Clark, 51, was driving in downtown Bakersfield, she was struck on her passenger side forcing her car over to roll into its top.

Though defendant admitted liability he claimed Elizabeth suffered only minor sprains and strains that should resolve between 6 to 8 weeks. Defendant argued that Elizabeth over treated.

First big fact at the ER Elizabeth denied any injuries but she wanted to be “checked out”. She was discharged with medications and told she would likely be sore a few days. In a couple of days, she saw her family MD who referred her to a chiropractor.

The DC discovered that Elizabeth suffered from: cervical ligaments leading to hyperlaxity and pressure on the anterior cervical ganglion resulting on Barre-Lieou Syndrome symptoms. In addition, she suffered from preexisting disc disease at C5/6 with new disc protrusions superimposed on her DDD.

She claimed interference with her quality of life and loss time from work.

Plaintiff demanded $140,000. Defendant offered $100,000. Instead, the jury found in favor of plaintiff and awarded her $898,077, which included $68,1876 in past economic damages, $167,381 future economic damages, $375,000 pain and $287,520 in future pain and suffering. With interest on the judgment the total award was $985,936.

Clarke v Barrett S 1500 CV 282578 May 12, 2016, Kern County Superior Court. Hon Sidney P. Chapin.

Practice Tips
1)   The jury liked Elizabeth Clarke, believed her to be honest and in great pain;
2)   Property Damage was extremely visual and
3)   Her DC did a first rate job in getting excellent tests and making smart medical referrals.

Answers to the June 27 Survey:
Expert Testimony

Q1. How many times have you testified for a PI case in court?
  Never  23.26%
  1 Occurrence  18.60%
  2 Occurrences  13.95%
  3+ Occurrences  44.19%

Q2. How many times have you had your deposition taken?
  Never  6.98%
  1 Occurrence  13.95%
  2 Occurrences  13.95%
  3+ Occurrences  65.12%