America’s Worst Drivers

  Male Drivers are involved in 80% of MVA that kill or serious injure pedestrians – see case next column.
  Males aged 18-20 are 7 X more likely to drink and drive than females.
  Drivers over 65 are half as likely as younger drivers to see pedestrians.
  Depressed young women are 10% more likely to engage in risky driving.
  Kansas is home of the nation’s best prepared drivers.
  Children are twice as safe when riding with grandparents as with their parents.
  Native Americans are 17% more likely involved in alcohol related fatalities than Caucasians or African Americans.
  Marijuana drivers are more than twice as likely to be involved in MVA’s.
  More than 1/3 of all drivers tested in New York failed a written test.
  Montana is the nation’s MVA death capital.

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Huge Sacramento Verdict
Doc of the Month –Jared Thomas

Steven Capaul 46, was driving to work on Highway 50. Traffic abruptly stopped. Steven stopped in time---but defendant did not.

Capaul’s low back, L3-4 & L4-5, suffered facit joint injuries. Initially he treated conservatively via Chiropractic, Dr. Thomas referred Capaul to pain management specialist Haddadan MD in Roseville.

Defendant St Farm argued that the force on Capaul’s low back was less than the degree of force he would get when he simply bends over.

Capaul demanded that St Farm pay the policy limits of $100,000. St Farm countered with $42,000 [$17,500 in medical bills at time of trial].

The jury awarded $231,880 on May 28, 2015. Hon. Gerrit Wood presiding. Case No 34-2013-00142134, Sacramento Superior Court.

After the verdict, St Farm was forced to pay more than the policy of $100,000 because they turned down an early offer by Capaul. Not only did St Farm have to pay the difference above the policy—in addition State Farm had to pay $57,879 in court costs and interest.


1.   For significant injuries 2nd opinions are mandatory. Not only is this important for the patient but according to Sec 317 of the Chiropractic Act.
2.   Dr. Taylor proves that the DC is always the Quarterback. He managed the case effectively.

L.A. Court Blowout - St Farm Loses Big Again

Alejandro Escutia, 38 was jogging in the bike lane on Western Heritage Way near Zoo Drive Way. A State Farm insured driving an F-150 pickup struck the pedestrian. The driver fled the scene, returned 15 minutes later, then he took Escutia to the hospital and left again without leaving his ID.

St. Farm admitted fault and told the jury to pay only $19,000.

Escutia received chiropractic treatment and then 2 epidural injections. He continued to suffer upper extremity pain.

The jury disregarded St Farm’s suggestion and awarded $120,000: $70,000 for past and future medical bills and $50,000 for past and future pain.

Escutia v Ingalls LA Superior Court, Van Nuys BC 525239, Hon Elaine Mandel, May 29, 2015.


1.   Jurors don’t like defendants leaving the scene.
2.   The jury was impressed with the obvious injuries and the necessity of taking 2 epidural shots. Excellent DC Management.