Under Oath: "Dr isn't it true that all whiplash injuries are minor problems?"

Gary Lewkovich dismantles a common insurance ploy. This is one of the key questions we answer at the upcoming Advanced PI Seminar on October 22 at LAX. DC's face with their PI Cases. Anticipating this question will help you define your patient's legal case.

Besides answering: "absolutely not" Dr. Gary offers a three-page handout for Diagnosis and Treatment for a Grade 2 & 3 Whiplash patients. Page three offer a comprehensive chart for Grade 1 to Grade 5 cases.

This is a must have for your PI practice. Dr. Gary will be discussing this at the Annual PI Seminar.

Email johntawlian@shawnsteel.com for your copy.

Beware of the Pre-Existing Ploy

A common tool used by all insurance companies is claiming your patient had major physical issues before the accident. Sometimes that's true. However, we've never seen an accident that 'improved' those pre-existing conditions. In fact, good evidence will usually show GREAT aggravation to existing physical conditions.

Here is our 9 step checklist for all your incoming PI Patients:

  Notations of pain on police reports
  Ambulance report notes
  ER records
  Notes from family doctor
  Friends who can testify of early onset
  Missing work
  ADL's disrupted
  Reduced work
  MOST crucial is the report and history by the DC

US Traffic Deaths Up Sharply

The Wall Street Journal reports that fatalities are up in the first 6 months after years of decline. "Experts" are placing blame on drivers being more distracted with fancy tech devices in their cars and the ubiquitous smart phones.

In fact, traffic accident deaths are up 10.4% with over 17,700 traffic fatalities. Some 35,000 Americans died in car accidents in 2015.

Drunken driving is another key culprit. Younger drivers are the highest risk.

Not reported by the WSJ are the proliferation of 'bicycle lanes'. We are seeing more cases of serious injuries and fatalities where bicyclists are riding in a false sense of security.

Wall Street Journal  Oct 5, 2016

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