Blood Test Could Detect Traumatic Brain Injury

Most serious long term residual injuries from accidents are undetected Traumatic Brain Injuries [TBI]. They are the dominate cause for death and disability. They occur with blunt trauma from falls and car accidents. TBI’s are classed either ‘mild’ to ‘severe’.

Current diagnosis are expensive relying on CT, MRI scans and neuropsychological studies.

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is offering a new blood test they hope can accurately identify if a patient has suffered TBI and to what extent. The process is to measure the amount of a specific protein released into the bloodstream after injury.

Scientists are looking for a biomarker as published in the Journal of Neurotrauma. After examining 200 patients between the ages of 16 – 93 all of whom were treated at trauma centers with TBI, they found a protein that could serve as a viable early indicator of intracranial injury.

Every year 1.5 million are diagnosed with TBI. Mild TBI experience headaches, memory loss, and loss of smell or mood changes. More severe results occur when a patient loses consciousness for more than 30 minutes, with residuals such as loss of speech, confusion and seizures.

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September 24 Survey Results are in
Q: On average, how extensive is your patient's car damage in PI cases?

1.   Their car was drivable immediately after the accident.
Response: 42.19%
2.   Their car was towed initially but was able to be fixed.
Response: 34.38%
3.   Their car was towed and was a total loss.
Response: 17.19%
4.   I don’t ask the patients about the extent of their car damage.
Response: 6.25%

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