New from Lewkovich: Common errors made
by Defense Chiropractic Examiners
and what to look for

What steps do you need to think about when the insurance company sends your patient to a Chiropractic insurance doctor? If the insurance doctor is unethical, he will ruthlessly attack your evaluation and treatment.

Some of the usual ploys used against the treating DC by Insurance Medical Examiners include:

1.   Inadequate physical examination
2.   Medical records inconsistency
3.   Current symptoms are pre-existing
4.   6 – 12 weeks “normal” healing time
5.   Failure to consider complicating factors

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Best PI Trial of the Month
Auto Rear-ender – Riverside County

Francisco was rear-ended in Coachella by a company truck. Francisco experienced intense pain later in the day. Two days later he saw a chiropractor. The DC noted bruising over his chest area. A MRI was ordered by the DC after continuous pain. After the DC reviewed the MRI he sent his patient to a neurosurgeon who opined he would need lumbar fusion surgery.

Francisco is a hard working chef and could not afford to take time off for surgery. He could no longer ride his bicycle. Many other ADL’s were curtailed.

Francisco demanded $74,999 to settle. Liberty Mutual countered with only $15,000.

The jury found for Francisco for $15,000 in past medical expenses, $223,600 for future surgery, $10,000 for past pain and suffering and $10,000 for future pain and suffering for a total verdict: $258,600.

Romero v Cali Built Construction, Riverside Superior Court, Hon. John Vineyard- INC 1304569, April 23, 2015.

1.   The DC used best practices. When the patient was suffering he ordered an MRI which showed protruding discs.
2.   The DC then referred Francisco to a prominent neurosurgeon—who recommended surgery.
3.   No surgery took place
4.   The jury believed that Francisco might need surgery – that alone justified the excellent verdict.


Tough Break in Sacramento
Cynthia was stopped for a traffic light in Sacramento when she was rear-ended. Her car was not towed; neither was the defendant’s car. Cynthia claimed she suffered ongoing mid back pain and was referred to an orthopedic surgeon.

Defendant admitted liability but claimed Cynthia was not really injured.

Cynthia asked the Court for $213,000 based on $36,521 in medical expenses for multiple anesthetic shots to her joints.

The jury came back with only $15,114.

Little vs. Byrd, Sacramento Superior Court, Hon. Alan Perkins, 2012-00128604

  Juries do not like exaggeration or overreaching.
  There must be a compelling story.
  The car damage was minor
  No ambulance
  No Emergency room
  Limited chiropractic visits
  Lot of trigger point injections.

Mid Back Injuries for rear-enders are uncommon.