Trends for Chiropractors and PI in the next 24 months - where insurance can deny payment

Sam Collins, Gary Lewkovich and I agree that PI claims will be challenged in the next 24 months if:

  There are no GOALS OF CARE stated in your chart notes--much like physical therapists are now required.
  No home exercise is documented.
  Need proof of Functional Improvement.

Each of these subjects were discussed at our recent Annual PI Summit last weekend. We will address these issues in future PI alerts showing how each is proved.

Is Chiropractic ready to Prove Permanent PI Impairment?

Dr Lewkovich uses the 5th Edition, AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment,

I prefer the 6th Edition.

You will see upcoming discussions each methodology and how you may choose one to best suit your practice.

Ask now for a simple proof of disability document entitled Pain Disability Questionnaire [pdq] required by the 6th edition. Contact for your copy.

What are Soft Tissue Injuries? They can last a lifetime

  Muscle Tears
  Facet Syndromes
  Disc Herniations
  Vascular traumas
  Traumatic Brain Injuries
  Spinal Cord Injuries

Multi Auto Accident Rear-End Collisions: San Diego

Katherine claimed chiropractic care was necessary from injuries she received when rear-ended by defendant.

Defendant claimed she could not have been injured because her passenger didn't claim she was hurt. Nor was her car towed. Nor did she attend the ER. An interesting twist.

At trial Katherine claimed migraine headaches and lost wages. She asked for $8000. Defendant offered $3500.

The Jury awarded $5.580 based on $2080 in total medical bills.

San Diego Superior Court, Hon. Richard Strauss. August 30, 2016. 37-2015 00019712 CU

Practice Tips

  Even small cases go to court
  No one made money here
  The jury honored DC care
  But the patient did not have 'residual' life time issues

San Joaquin/Stanislaus
CCA District

Stockton - Nov. 15th

"Ethical Considerations in Personal Injury"

Approved for 2 mandated CE hours in ethics & law

All Doctors are welcome to join us

For questions e-mail:
John Tawlian

PI Report or Not

Let the debate begin. Dr. Gary will present his view. I will suggest a practical middle course entitled No More Narrative - Instead Use the Bullet Point PI Report.

Answers to the Oct. 13th Survey:

Your Practice

1) What % of your practice is PI?
  0-25% - 64.29%
  26-50% - 14.29%
  51-75% - 7.14%
  76-100% - 14.29%

2) What % of your practice is Work Comp?
  0-25% - 92.86%
  26-50% - 7.14%
  51-75% - 0%
  76-100% - 0%

3) What % of your practice is Private Insurance?
  0-25% - 85.71%
  26-50% - 14.29%
  51-75% - 0%
  76-100% - 0%

4) What % of your practice is Cash?
  0-25% - 35.71%
  26-50% - 14.29%
  51-75% - 28.57%
  76-100% - 21.43%

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