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  Common Errors by DCís
  Common Errors by PI attorneys
  Why PI liens work
  Getting your med pay in 3 steps
  Use the -59 CPT Modifier
  Gap in Treatment concerns
  Importance of Flare Up proof

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Over Policy Limits Victory by Dr. Bea Heller DC
Orange County

71-year-old David Revill & his 68-year-old partner, Constance were stopped at an intersection in Stanton waiting behind a bus. Defendant admitted rear-ending Revill and pushing his car into the bus.

No cars were towed. Nor did the police make a police report. This is usually a sign of a minor accident.

Defendant State Farm argued that David & Constance were simply old and had a lot of pre-existing problems. We agreed they suffered degenerative disc disease. However, the hard evidence proved David suffered a 4 mm broad-based left paracentral disc protrusion at C4/C5. And associated tearing of supraspinous tendons. David suffered extreme pain to his right shoulder. He had surgery to repair the torn rotator cuff. Constance required only chiropractic care.

Given the severity of the accident David & Constance refused ambulance or to go to the emergency room. Instead they sought care from Dr. Bea Heller. She was immediately concerned with the results from her first examination and referred David to an orthopedic surgeon.

State Farm didnít believe most of the care was related to the accident. State Farm offered only $15,000. We agreed to attend binding arbitration. The defendantís policy had a maximum $50,000 coverage. David has personal Under Insured Motorist for 100/300.

Judge Gregory Munoz, ruled that David deserved more money than defendantís policy limits and awarded $84,060.69.

March 3, 2016.

With the victory, we are now planning to litigate the UIM policy.

California has problem with fatal high-speed accidents

In Oakland, fatal accidents happen at an average of 64 miles per hour. That is third in the country.

San Jose came in seventh at 61 miles per hour.

Interstate 580 in the East Bay also made the list. Fatal accidents along that route average 68 miles per hour.

The study also examined the age of the drivers involved in fatal accidents and compared that to the speeds they were traveling.

The study also concludes that teenagers and drivers in their 20s are involved in the most fatal high-speed accidents and that as people age, they tend to drive slower and are in fewer fatal collisions.