An Algorithm for Fighting Back against
defense ploys

With one simple form PI Guru Gary Lewkovich DC offers how to respond to many common insurance PI ploys. Some examples include:

  Services not medically necessary
  Charges not reasonable
  Charges not billed properly
  Dates of service not property documented.

What is the most effective way to respond? Dr. L suggests a couple of approaches that will ease the frustration.

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Traffic Deaths Increasing in CA

With the Recession not as severe, more drivers are hitting the roads with injuries and fatalities increasing.

Road deaths jumped nearly 10% in the first three months last year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Adm. In California roads death increased by 13%. In 2013, 3104 people were killed. In 2010 the number deceased was 2739.

Cal Trans suggests the following causes increased the injuries and auto accident fatalities:

  Drugged driving crashes are increasing. Older drivers are taking more prescription drugs. Marijuana usage is widespread and likely an accident factor.

  More pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcycle drivers’ injuries are dramatically increasing.

  Cell and texting usage is also blamed for distractions.

  Cars with more technology are distracting including ‘safety’ devices such as beeping when a car is close.

Ironically, Cal Trans plans to spend millions in a public relations effort to ‘educate’ the public with social media and billboards.

Sacramento Bee 9/27/15


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