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Where California's most deadly vehicle crashes occur

California is one of the most dangerous roads in America. Highway 99 had a rate of 62.3 fatal accident for each 100 miles from 2011 to 2015.


In 2016 there were 3,623 fatal crashes. The top 3 counties are: Los Angeles [7694], Riverside [ 262] and San Bernardino 256]. That year 56 people died on I-10 between Santa Monica and Beaumont, a distance of 100 miles. I-10 is the 4th most dangerous highway in the US.


I-5 was the 7th most deadly highway averaging 43.9 deaths per 100 miles.


8 fatal crashed occurred within a quarter mile of I-405 and I-605 interchange [next to our law firm]!


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports the key reasons are:


·     Driving too fast 17.8 %

·     Alcohol or drugs 10.8 %

·     Failure to keep in proper lane 7.5%

·     Failure to yield right of way 7 %

·     Distracted 6.2%

·     Careless driving 5.2%

·     Erratic reckless driving 4%

·     Over steering 3.8%

·     Vision obscured 3%


Drivers under 24 years have the highest crash rate per 100,000 drivers.



NEW: Favorite Sam & Shawn -- PI Trauma Codes

Using the most appropriate ICD-10 codes are crucial if your care and treatment is to be paid. Most doctors do not use the highest level of appropriate codes.


We are offering a series of BEST TRAUMA CODES for your consideration:


S06.0X0A - Concussion without loss of consciousness, initial encounter


F07.81 - Post concussion syndrome (postconcussional syndrome)


S03.41XA - Sprain of jaw, right side, initial encounter


S03.42XA - Sprain of jaw, left side, initial encounter


S03.43XA - Sprain of jaw, bilateral, initial encounter


M26.601 - Right temporomandibular (TMJ)joint disorder, unspecified


M26.602 - Left temporomandibular (TMJ)joint disorder, unspecified


M26.603 - Bilateral temporomandibular (TMJ)joint disorder, unspecified

You have more control over patients’ attorneys than you MIGHT think. If the PI attorney doesn't answer your call, won’t provide you with key documents, or edit/refuse to sign your lien you do not have to work with that attorney. Tell your client that you can help them find an attorney who is pro chiropractic to take over the case or they will need to pay cash for their visits.


For any questions feel free to email me: alexandereisner@shawnsteel.com


Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7 Item: GAD-7 Scale


Measuring a patient’s anxiety following a moderate to severe collision may be crucial for your patient’s PI case. Back injuries are most common. However, Insurance companies are forced to pay more money if there is solid proof that the patient suffered provable anxiety related to the crash.


The GAD-7 asks the patient degrees of:


·     Nervousness,

·     Control issues,

·     Worries,

·     Unable to relax


For a copy of the GAD-7 contact: johntawlian@shawnsteel.com




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