Smart Prognosis -- Crucial for Increased PI Values

Most doctors do not even try to write a prognosis on trauma cases. Why is a Smart Prognosis crucial for settlement?

We have PI Guru Dr. Lewkovich to thank for another of his famous forms.

Using the “right” terms for the patient’s prognosis, aka, future residual injury issues can dramatically increase PI values.

Note that the medical and insurance perspectives are much different.

Medical reports are concerned with functional improvement. Insurance worries about the potential monetary loss.

Insurance assess the cost for future care.

We need to help them with that assessment

Dr. Lewkovich in his report offers key bullet points from medical and insurance perspective. Telling the insurance company up front the patient is not completely healed is crucial or the case may not settle favorably.

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2.   Write a very brief statement of physician report; or

3.   Write a comprehensive report detailing the accident history, physical exam, diagnosis, prognosis and disabilities.

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Victory in Orange County- Dr. Daniel Herman DC knocks it out of the park

Teri Pearlman, when diving on PCH in Laguna Beach, was rear-ended by defendant. Defendant Allstate immediately claimed the accident was too ‘minor’ to have caused any injury. Plus, the chiropractic care was ‘excessive’. Same old Same old.

Defendant’s orthopedic surgeon Alan Strizak MD claimed the injuries should have ceased in 90 days. Daniel Herman, DC was the only doctor who testified for Teri, he argued the care was reasonable and helpful. Plus, he made appropriate medical referrals which suggested continued chiropractic care.

Teri generated over $15,000 in DC and medical care in the next 3.5 years.

Teri was willing to accept $25.000 to settle. Allstate offered only $5,700. The jury returned with $62,000 [$12,000 for medical bills and $50,000 for pain and suffering].

Pearlman v Atherton Orange Co Superior Court 30-2014-0073 Hon Martha Gooding.

  Dr. Herman was credible and the jury believed that the patient received fair and reasonable care.
  Teri Pearlman was likable and the jury believed her.
  Allstate seldom negotiates in good faith. Be on guard.


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