Do Auto Carriers Engage in Insurance Fraud? Threatens Safety

CNN recently produced a story about how auto carriers routinely cheat their customers when they use cheap- off standard - parts to replace manufactured auto parts. In some cases substituting parts could make the car more dangerous. Some 500 body shops from 36 states are joining a lawsuit against top auto carriers.

“Headlights held together by glue, dented rims and a new hood that's already coming apart are among the kinds of parts allegedly being pushed to go into cars.”

“Buddy Caldwell, attorney general of Louisiana, has filed suit against State Farm insurance, saying its low-cost repair program could be dangerous for customers who get back on the road in vehicles that are not roadworthy.”

This raises the Triple Dip Insurance Fraud Syndrome

Triple Dip # 1 :
The adjuster when inspecting will not allow a ‘tear down’ usually guaranteeing a low ball car damage estimate.

Triple Dip # 2
The body shop must use nonstandard ‘fake’ parts. These parts are considerably cheaper than the manufacturer’s price.

Triple Dip # 3
If the adjuster looks only at the pictures and there is no personal inspection that alone usually guarantees a low ball estimate. Hidden car damage is obviously not visible—thus minimizing the patient’s injuries.


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Doc of the Month – Bill Hathaway
Nagin goes to trial in Murrieta

Deborah Nagin was an independent woman. She served for years as an ER trauma registered nurse, until she was struck nearly head on by a kid in a hurry on a mountain road.

Dr. Bill Hathaway DC of Palm Desert was the Primary doctor who carefully managed Nagin’s care and treatment. He cleared up confusion with the ER records, made appropriate referrals to first class orthopedists. Nagin suffered fractures to her sternum and ribs in addition to torn tendons to both of her shoulders.

After several years, St Farm made their final offer of $250,000, which we rejected. Then a 10 day trial. The costs to try the case exploded to over $100,000. Dr. Hathaway was a star and the jury loved him.

After a tenacious litigation struggle with over 15 depositions, 11 experts for both sides the conservative jury in Murrieta rendered justice.

After refusing to admit liability in a clear cut case, plus grilling our client and doctors mercilessly the jury believed Nagin and Dr. Hathaway and not their very expensive defendant doctor experts. The jury awarded $536,727. The judge awarded an additional $25,000 to help pay from some of the costs. The total from St Farm was $561,727.

Nagin vs. Odum October 1, 2014, INC-120-4462, Judge Raquel Marquez.


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