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    PI Email Alert - March 17, 2017
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Our History -- Chiro Gets Fine & Jail Term
Frank Whidden was convicted for practicing medicine without a license on February 25, 1921. Motions for a new trial were denied. Whidden argued it was impossible for a chiropractor to secure a license. The Medical board will not accept chiropractors, stated the judge.
After Dr. Whidden was pardoned after the success of the Chiropractor Initiative Act of 1922, Whidden was elected President of the Northern California Chiropractic Association.
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Wild Pro-Chiroprctic Jury in Long Beach: Big GAP in Care
Susan Emery was rear-ended from a moderate impact. After two months of chiropractic care, she is discharged, after receiving a 'clean bill of health'. She doesn't treat for a year, but her back pain increasingly gets worse.  Susan gets an MRI 14 months' post-accident after seeing a pain management physician. She had to have back surgery for a severe herniation at L5-S1.
In trial, a juror passed out when Dr. Mobin [excellent pro-chiropractic neurosurgeon] was describing his laminectomy in visceral style. The juror had to be taken away by paramedics. When the notorious insurance neurosurgeon Feuerman testified, one juror stood up to challenge him to a fight when Feuerman blamed the herniation on 'evolution'.
Medical bills were $150,000. Plaintiff demanded $400,000. Defense offered $100,000. The jury responded with a verdict of $500,000.
Long Beach Superior Court, Hon James Otto presiding. March 2017.
  • The DC did not listen to his patient nor did he send his patient out for medical tests to confirm a serious injury. Terrible mistake.
  • Even a substantial gap in care will be forgiven IF the patient is credible and has to have a serious medical procedure.
Strain/Sprain is ONE Syndrome?
This study argues that the distinction between strain and sprain injuries is false. In fact, both injuries are related to "an injury to a ligament - tissue that connects two or more bones to a joint" and "an injury to a muscle or tendon connected to a bone."
Because there is a false distinction, the authors argue that reimbursement is reduced when a strain is the diagnosis. Most medical scientists agree this injury mechanism will cause arthritis 100% of the time, post-trauma.
Owens 2017 Strain/Sprain American Chiropractor: for your copy email
We thank Brad Hannon, DC from Victorville for this article. 

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