The PI attorney intercepted my med pay
what do I do?

We get this question several times a month from our subscribers. I suggested the following approaches:

1.   Have your patient immediately fire that attorney and hire a pro DC attorney.
2.   Or, instruct your patient to go to the attorneys’ office and demand the med pay check for you. The patient is not to leave the waiting room until he gets your money.
3.   If your patient is not cooperative – send your bill to your patient for immediate payment due within 5 days.

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Boom: San Diego Million Dollar Verdict
with Chiro Care & Management

John was stopped on Interstate 52, when a van rear-ended him at about 30 miles per hour.

Defendant dispute John’s injuries.

John saw his chiropractor. At a later time, he had pain relieving injections but that didn’t work. Finally, he was advised he would need a lumbar fusion. John never got surgery.

John’s ADL’s were crucial to the jury. John was limited in his ability to enjoy activities like kayaking. His career was impacted as a tree trimmer.

In trial John’s team demanded $199,000 in settlement. Defendant offered $135,000.

The jury awarded $1,086,839, including $66,839 for past medical expenses, $200,000 for future medical costs, $5000 for past loss of earnings, $207,500 for future loss of earnings, $75,000 past pain and $532,500 for future pain.

Jacobs vs Cubic Corp 37-2014 CU PA CTI, Oct 23, 2015. San Diego Superior Court, Hon Ronald Styn.

Hard Times in Van Nuys

Gabriel was a passenger on a bus in Van Nuys when it was broadsided by a tow truck. Defendant admitted liability.

Gabriel sought chiropractic care claiming he tore his wrist muscle, which caused a ganglion cyst, resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome. Later he was diagnosed with a disc herniation and suffered low back pain. He had surgery to remove the ganglion cyst.

Defendant claimed: 1] no reported injury at the scene; 2] that Gabriel complained of pain at the Bus terminal one hour later; 3] at the ER he had no wrist complaints and 4] he never mentioned to his DC he had any wrist complaints. But most important 5] the bus video in the bus did not show Gabriel getting hurt.

The jury awarded zero. Van Nuys Superior Court. September 18, 2015. Hon Michael Harwin. Gross vs Top Notch Towing

1.   Your client must be credible. Always review ER records as quickly as possible looking for contradictions. If you have suspicions so will the jury.
2.   Bus cases are high risk.
3.   Note in the first case, John was told he ‘needed’ surgery but did not get it. The jury believed John and gave him full benefit for future medical bills.

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