June 9 Survey Results

Q: What issues do you have when referring to an MD 2nd opinion?

50% DC’s do not know any MD’s.
40% DC’s know MD’s but they require a lien.

Our solution: If you need a pro DC MD for a major injury case contact us at: johntawlian@shawnsteel.com

Remember when you ask – be sure to give us a name of at least one good MD.

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Getting Paid for Med Pay

Q1. What % of your patients have med pay?
Q2. Do you encourage your patients to buy med pay?
Q3. What % of lawyers steal your med pay?

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12 Common Mistakes that Hurt your PI Cases [Part 2] Lewkovich

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7.   Not doing exercise rehab – crucial in moderate/severe cases
8.   Prematurely stopping DC care – shows the injuries not serious.
9.   Downplaying your injuries and symptoms creates denial.
10.   Exaggerating the injuries ruins credibility.
11.   Doctor Shopping –always hurt the case.
12.   Failing to get legal help when necessary

For a full outline and detailed summary of all valuable 12 COMMON MISTAKES e-mail: johntawlian@shawnsteel.com for your copy.


We asked several prominent doctors and lawyers what are the elements toward making a great expert DC witness. A key component is to also understand the biomechanics of injuries. In this way, a lawyer would be happy to hire a doctor who is ALSO a biomechanical expert. Here are the steps:

1.   Join the Society of Automotive Engineers and attend their multiple seminars.


2.   Attend all 4 Art Croft’s Spinal Research Institute Modules, take his examinations and get certified. Absolutely crucial.


3.   Attend UCR’s Auto Accident Reconstruction Classes.

https://www.extension.ucr.edu/enroll/catalog/ olr_course_details.php?crsid=564

4.   Attend Northwestern Auto Accident Reconstruction Classes – the Harvard for Auto Accidents.

https://registration.nucps.northwestern.edu/ searchResults.cfm?prgID=5

5.   Attend Defense Medical Exams.

Ask a plaintiff attorney if you can “monitor” a Defense Medical Exam. A plaintiff is entitled to bring in one person to the exam. Here you will see how defense medical doctors can get over $500,000 a year from insurance companies.

6.   Watch personal injury trials.

7.   Go to court and testify.

On your PI cases – tell your attorney you want and desire to testify. You will make your fees very reasonable for the chance to get the experience.