May 26 Survey Results Are In:
1)   The number of Personal Injuries cases you’ve had in the past three years has:
    Increased   31.15%
    Decreased   22.95%
    Stayed about the same   45.90%
2)   What is the greatest obstruction to your fees getting paid?
    Poor PI Attorney Quality   22.03%
    Insurance Co giving low offers   66.10%
    Lack of patient control   11.86%
3)   Where do you get most of your PI referrals?
    From your existing patient base   67.21%
    From PI Attorneys   24.59%
    Advertising   1.64%
    Walk-ins   6.56%

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Farmers in-house Female Attorneys Sue Over Wages

Not all is idyllic in Farmers Land. A class action was filed against Farmers alleging discrimination against female attorneys.

The lead attorney is Lynne Coats with 22 years’ experience was placed on the elite High-Exposure Attorney Team [HEAT]. She learned that a male attorney working the same cases, with less experience as making twice as much. Plus other male beginning attorneys were making comparable salaries as she. When she mention the discrepancy she was demoted.

Farmers employs about 900 attorneys making it the nation’s largest insurance law firm.

Lori Andrus who represents the class action against Farmers stated “it’s time for them to clean up their act.”

Daily Journal April 30, 2015.

How long does it take a 5mm bone spur to develop?

A common defense argument

Bone spurs are degenerative and take time to develop. This is the same cookie-cutter defense used in every personal injury case.

You have to focus on WHEN the symptoms started. Your patient had an asymptomatic disc which was make symptomatic by the accident. Period. End of story. If your patient had no complains of pain before the accident and then had pain afterwards, the accident was the causing factor.

Van Nuys Victory for Chiropractic $1,000,000 PI Verdict

John Waikle exited the 405 at Wilshire Blvd, in West Los Angeles. A gravel truck clipped Waikle’s front tire causing the accident.

Defendant denied there was any contact and if there was it was ‘minor’.

Waikle claimed injuries to his spine requiring chiropractic care. He also received epidural shots for more than a year to relieve the pain. Pain persisted necessitating surgery. Despite the surgery, Waikle claimed continued pain.

Dr. Jeff Gross was Waikle’s neurosurgeon [and Shawn Steel seminar participant]. Dr. David Mortensen, DC testified for defendant claiming the chiropractic care was unreasonable and unnecessary.

Waikle demanded $500,000, defendant countered with $250,000. Total medical bills were $100,000.

Jury awarded $1,020,000 September 11, 2014 , Hon. Michael Harwin, Van Nuys Superior Court Waikle v Diep SC 118764


1.   Once again the DC managed this case effectively. The DC knew the appropriate MD for pain management and using the last resort a famous neurosurgeon.
2.   If you need to find a pro-chiro MD in your area contact John at

Not so good case – MIST case

Blessing Nworisa was rear-ended. Defendant admitted striking her car. Defendant claimed there was no evidence she suffered any injuries telling the jury that “the forces created during the collision was equal to those experienced in everyday life.”

This canard is enormously successful toward convincing conservative juries [older retired] to give zero dollars

Property damage was $342 and the chiropractic bill was only $1,700.

The jury returned a unanimous defense verdict. Nworisa vs. Downing, Pasadena Superior Court, Jan 21, 2015, Hon Judge C. Edward Simpson, Jr.


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