Trial Lawyer exposes his bias re Chiropractors

“Just don’t use them anymore. Our view is they do more harm than good...[it is a] risk torpedoing a case that goes to trial because of poor record keeping or poor testifying or poor medical treatment…”

June 2015 from an anti-Chiropractic PI attorney

USAA Defeated in Small Claims re Med Pay

Big shout out to veteran Dr. Mostafavi of Irvine. The doctor sent reasonable bills to USAA and each time he received a complete denial. USAA claimed the care was unnecessary. The doctor struck back. Dr. M and his patient took the matter to Small Claims court [where you can sue up to $10,000]. The Judge saw what USAA was doing and awarded 90% of the med pay to Dr. M for a total of $3000.

Particularly heartening was the USAA adjuster stating he never lost a med pay case in 24 years.

The times are a changing.

Go to our web site to see how easy it is to file small claims for either your MIST patient or to get your legitimate Med Pay.


Saturday, October 24, 2015
Westin Hotel LAX
8 AM – 5 PM

Shawn Steel Advanced PI Seminar
“Best Defense is A Strong Case:
Advanced PI Extravaganza”

Co-Sponsored by CCA
Submitted to the board
for 8 hrs of CE credit

PI Team: Sam Collins, Gary Lewkovich,
Shawn Steel
& brilliant Neurosurgeon

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Deadliest 5 Cars in America

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety [IIHS] correlates cars with accident states. The following 5 [as of 2009] are the most dangerous for causing deaths. This is calculated on the ratio of driver death per registered vehicles.

5. Nissan Titan Extended Cab

Big isn’t always beautiful. Especially for the 111 deaths per million registrations.

4. Chevy Cobalt

Not just the notoriety of Obama’s takeover of GM but the 4 door Cobalt averages some 117 deaths each year.

3. Chevy Aveo

Another GM with 119 deaths average. This study shows that smaller cars were most dangerous.

2. Nissan Titan Crew Cab

With 126 deaths it is one of the most dangerous – with most occurring in single vehicle crashes.

1. Nissan 350Z

Trying to copy the Porsche design, a tragic end for 143 drivers’ death.