Lewkovich: Resisting Dark Side – the Ploy
that demands you accept contracted rates
even if you never billed that insurance carrier

This is a huge issue. We see this in med pay cases a lot. Auto carriers are threatening hard working doctors merely by suggesting that doctors cannot bill for PI services more than their contract rates with their PPO.

This is flatly untrue. As Dr. L states when you elect to bill the patient’s health care insurance provider – only then you are contractually obligated to accept the steep reduced rates.

We have not found any exceptions to this rule. Inform your patient’s med pay carrier -- that unless the med pay can show in your PPO contract - that you are obligated to accept reduced rates when not billing—med pay insurance carrier should back off.

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June 25 Survey Results are in:
Getting Paid for Med Pay
Q1. What % of your patients have med pay?
  0-25% 46.43%  
  25-50% 28.57%  
  50-75% 17.86%  
  75-100% 7.14%  
Q2. Do you encourage your patients to buy med pay?
  Yes 89.29%  
  No 10.71%  
Q3. What % of lawyers steal your med pay?
  0-25% 64.29%  
  25-50% 14.29%  
  50-75% 7.14%  
  75-100% 14.29%  

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Most dangerous city to drive in California

Glendale with the famous Americana is the most dangerous city to drive in California. That’s according to our friends at Allstate who calculates millions of accidents each year to see where their biggest or lowest risks are. San Francisco made the top two of high accident cities.

Glendale drivers were found to have an average of one accident every 5 ½ years, while most drivers average one in every 10 years.

But Safest Drivers are in Visalia

Visalia once again topped the state in terms of driver safety, according to a new report by Allstate Insurance Company.

In the Best Drivers Report, Allstate compared 200 of the nation's largest cities on the frequency of collisions and other factors affecting driving such as population density and weather conditions.

At No. 1 in California and seventh in the U.S., Visalia drivers were revealed in the report to be 19.1 percent less likely to be involved in a collision than the average American driver. Visalia also held California's top spot of 18.5 percent in a similar report by Allstate last year.

Visalia drivers also had an average of 12.3 years between collisions compared to the national average of one collision every 10 years.