Lewkovich: 10 most common mistakes made before the mortor accident occurs

1.   Insufficient Insurance:
Often major cases have zero of little insurance. Beware of huge emergency care costs that later eat all insurance leaving little funds for DC care. Also, suggest to your non PI patients to buy very inexpensive med pay for their family’s protection. [Email johntawlian@shawnsteel.com for free brochures with plastic stand]

2.   Poor Vehicle Choice:
We would like to see anyone who buys a car at least get one weighing over 4000 pounds. Multiple studies show small lighter cars dramatically increase injuries an accident.

3.   Poor vehicle maintenance:
Bargain basement tires, bad breaks, mal functioning turn lights, can hurt your patient’s case – or proves that defendant was grossly negligent.

4.   Improperly Adjusted Head Restraints:
Few drivers take the time to properly adjust this device. If too low it can amplify the injury. When your patient buys a new car, a nice courtesy you can provide is to go outside and see if his head restraint is effective.

5.   Chronic Smoking
Again multiple studies show that drivers who smoke are more dangerous drivers and much slower to heal. Yet another reason to quit.

For all list of ALL 10 common mistakes email johntawlian@shawnsteel.com for your copy

Blow Out in LA
Doc of the month Derek Pelofsky DC

Angela Davis was T-boned in an intersection. Defendant admitted fault that he ran the red light.

Angela sough care from Dr. Pelofsky DC who wisely managed her PI case. After appropriate chiropractic care, Dr. P referred Angela orthopedist Michael Kropf who diagnosed chronic neck and back injuries. He recommended epidurals.

Her total medical bills were $30,240.

The insurance company offered a mere $40,000. Plaintiff demanded policy limits of $300,000. The jury deliberated in only 70 minutes and unanimously awarded $594,854. Later the judge will award additional monies for all expert fees, court costs and interest.

Davis v. Gumina LA Superior Court. BC 486 892, Hon. H. Chester Horn.

Huge congrats to Dr. Pelofsky.


    Your patient must be likeable and credible.
    When appropriate, refer your patient to credible pro chiropractic medical specialists.


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