Demands for Evidence of PI Functional Improvement – Lewkovich

With the requirement of ICD-10 proving PI injuries include a more complete picture of the symptom complex on each visit. And the doctor must show how the patient was feeling at each visit --- in order to justify his or her fees.

The Big Question: How does a treating doctor more accurately document functional improvement?

Leave it to Lewkovich. Dr. L offers a daily chart listing 4 easy to check areas for your PI patients.

Those 4 Functional Improvements areas are:
1.   Work Activities
2.   Home, School or Recreational
3.   Corrective Exercises
4.   Rehab Progress

Completing this checklist supports a BULLET PROOF PI report.

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2.   No more than 10%
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5.   Regularly more than 50%

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Santa Monica Jury gives Chiropractic Patient huge verdict

Shawna Davi sued Holm Industries when defendant’s car broadsided plaintiff’s vehicle in Hollywood. Defendant made an illegal U Turn.

Shawna claimed her pre-existing back injury was aggravated with an increase of disc bulging to her spine. Shawna sought chiropractic care for the least invasive care. Her pain evolved into a constant chronic pain. Surgery was recommended.

The jury found for Shawna plus members of her family with a total award of $539,920.

Davi vs. Holm Industries, Hon Bobbi Tillmon, Case No BC 534 274 Los Angeles Superior Court – Santa Monica

  Preexisting injuries can be a huge problem or an outstanding plus for most PI cases. Here, Shawna did not receive care for her back in years.
  When surgery is “recommended” it does not mean the patient has to undergo the procedure. But it is a powerful factor appreciated by the jury.

Thousands die from infections

Unsanitary conditions in hospitals leave patients at risk.

Each year, thousands of patients seek medical care at both inpatient and outpatient facilities, but emerge from routine, urgent or surgical care some with additional medical problems. On an average day, 1 in 25 patients has at least one infection contracted from a hospital visit, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nearly 100,000 patients unnecessarily die as a result of infections from medical equipment, common areas, or food.