Happy New Year!

We have much to be grateful for and here are some basic facts to start off the year right:

1.   Chiropractors are the first choice for auto accident victims.
2.   Most chiropractic patients are satisfied with their care.
3.   Most chiropractors take their Personal Injury cases seriously and realize that TRAUMA cases are substantially different than spontaneous musculoskeletal pain.
4.   Despite the insurance companies’ enormous power, smart chiropractic management care will earn DCs fair fees.
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Disaster in the OC

Ara Azizian sued Power Engineers, Inc. after he was rear-ended while stopped on the 91 freeway.

Defendant admitted liability but disputed his claim for injuries.

Azizian saw a local chiropractor then saw several of his self-chosen MDs. He argued in trial that he was permanently disabled and “would require” surgery. He also claimed injuries to his knees, shoulders, carpal tunnel as well as post-traumatic stress disorder. He also claimed that he lost his plumbing business as a result of the debilitating injuries.

The trial was brutal.

Defendant hired an army of medical and technical experts. Plaintiff’s attorney answered with a similar number of experts. It was a very expensive trial for both sides.

At trial, Azizian claimed damages of 4.6 million dollars. Initially, Azizian demanded 1.5 million then reduced it to $750,000 on the eve of trial. Defendant countered with $95,000.

The jury rendered a defense verdict.

After the trial, defendant began collection proceeds against Azizian for $225,000 for its costs. Azizian will have to pay this amount personally.

Azizian v Power Engineering Orange County Superior Court, Hon Ronald Bauer. October 14, 2015.

  When a patient ‘takes over’ the case he easily can shoot himself in the foot. Exaggeration never helps any victim.
  When you have such a patient who demands a trial for “justice” – better have an early talk with him and his attorney otherwise your lien may not be worth very much

Auto v Pedestrian: San Fernando Valley –
Farmers Loses Big

Lorena Ruiz (44) was on the corner of Nordhoff and Owensmouth waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Defendant, Guy Bodman, working for Premium Equipment, was approaching the intersection in his Chevrolet Silverado 2500 pickup truck.

When the light turned green and the pedestrian walk sign was given, Ruiz checked for traffic and began walking across the crosswalk. Just then Bodman made a left turn and hit Ruiz on her left side striking the left buttock, left arm, and throwing her onto the asphalt. Bodman exited the truck, helped Ruiz to her feet and put her back on the sidewalk. Then, without calling an ambulance, drove away.

Ruiz saw a chiropractor who diagnosed a left wrist Colles fracture and a 7 mm disc herniation at L5-SI. He referred the patient to an orthopedist and pain management MD. Ruiz had three epidurals and an anterior/posterior two level fusion two years after the accident.

Despite the surgery, Farmers argued that ALL her injuries were degenerative and pre-existing. Farmers hired a prominent orthopedist and a neuroradiologist.

The case was Arbitrated in front of Darrell Forgey, who awarded Ruiz $628,283. Total medical bills were $138,283.

  The fact that the defendant did not offer to call for help was important.
  Surgery relating to a pedestrian injury is hard to argue with.
  Excellent Chiropractic management made this case viable.


Hit and Runs Rampant

The LAPD states that Hit and Runs are at epidemic levels. Soon they will send ‘yellow alerts’ in areas most impacted.

According to the LAPD, drivers left the scene of about 20,000 accidents in 2014 alone, killing 27 people and seriously injuring 144. Only 1 out of 5 cases are solved.

Be sure you advise your patient to carry at least $100,000 UM coverage [ about $10 a month] and at least $5000 med pay [about $5.00 a month]

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