Lewkovich: Fighting Back
When insurance relabels a NEW injury
and NOT a Flare Up

The PI Guru does it again. If the auto carrier successfully relabeled your patient’s injury as a NEW problem—your PI case is stopped.

This can be radically unfair to the patient. Most patients in moderate to severe auto collisions take years to heal. You get only a few months to help them progress. Seldom will most doctors get to 100% pre accident status.

When the insurance company review your report – their doctors [see article in the right column] will look for undocumented flare ups. They argue the then increased care is ‘consistent with a new injury.’

As doctor Lewkovich notes, flare-ups are common in PI cases. The patient’s body has probably never suffered an injury like this in their life. However, the modern doctor has to document carefully when a Flare-Up occurs.

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Auto Makers Recall 2.12 million Cars –
Dangerous Air Bags

Scientists have known for years Air Bags are an outmoded safety device. With the 3 point seat belt harness, the Air Bag purpose has disappeared. Instead, it is now causing more harm than good. But, it’s great marketing.

Honda, Toyota and Fiat Chrysler are joining seven other car makers in recalling defective and dangerous air bags, which seem to have “inadvertent air-bag deployments.” That means your patient is about to get whacked with a 200 mph missile into their torso in a micro second.

A sudden assault on the body of that quality will cause substantial injury. It is harmful to have this IED exploded inches from your patient’s body in a collision---adding injury to injury. But sudden deployment will also cause bad accidents.

Honda and Toyota resisted the recall but eventually were overwhelmed with the evidence and future injury costs.

The recall repairs will be expensive. The entire electrical-control module will have to be replaced.

WSJ Jan 31, 2015
See also U of Georgia study:

Santa Monica Court Nails Mercury

It was not a big accident. But Mercury offered only $1,501 with medical bills over $5440. Mercury paid their doctor Michael Millar DC, Torrance, to attack the treating DC’s bill and care.

Mercury claimed there was virtually no damage to the car, ergo no injury. A common and effective defense. But the victim Erika believable and the jury awarded $12,945 to her.

Erika would have taken $5,999 but Mercury refused. Now Mercury will have to pay costs and interest.

Martinez v Shelton: SM Superior Court 12 CS 3152, Hon H. Chester Horn.


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