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Best Hospitals in California
US News
  1. UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center
  2. Stanford Hospital
  3. Cedar Sanai Hospital
  4. UCSF Medical Center
  5. UC San Diego
  6. UC Davis
  7. Scripps La Jolla Hospital
  8. Keck USC Medical Center
  9. UC Irvine
  10. John Muri Medical Center
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November 30 Survey Results Are in:
Q:   About what percent of your PI Patients have moderate to significant pre-existing medical problems?

Answer Choices Responses
10% 26.32%
25% 47.37%
50% 15.79%
Greater than 50% 10.53%

OC Left Turn Collison nice result Smart DC care

David Leppek a 50-year-old garage door tech was driving his heavy duty Ford 150 work truck. Defendant made an unsafe left with his 2005 Mustang. Defendant’s Ford weighed four times more than the Mustang. The Plaintiff’s Ford’s airbags did not deploy.

Defendant conceded liability but argued Plaintiff Leppek was not significantly hurt.

The police reported no injuries. Defendant sustained a bloody nose. Leppek claimed he suffered a herniated lumbar disc at L4/5, nerve impingement and radiculopathy down his right leg.

Leppek admitted he had a pre-existing lumbar laminectomy 20 years earlier, two prior car crashes and a trip and fall, each caused aggravation of his low back pain. Leppek treated with a DC for four months. Then his DC referred him to a pain management MD, and received an injection –which temporarily improved his condition. Leppek returned to his DC for another eight months but also received three lumbar epidurals and ultimately a microdisectomy at L4/5. A small disc protrusion at L45 was surgically removed.

Leppek’s doctors convinced the jury that the collision caused the back injury and his pre-existing surgery made him unusually susceptible to back injuries.

Plaintiff Leppek demanded $100,000 before trial. Defendant offered $85,000. The jury awarded $400,000.

Leppek vs. Phan OC Superior Court, Hon Gregory Lewis, August 5, 2015.

  Juries understand that PRE-EXISING injuries can be easily aggravated.
  The DC was very patient and careful not to overdue the MD care—it took years before the patient needed shots and surgery.