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    PI Email Alert - Dec. 19, 2016





CA Insurance Commissioner Charges State Farm Overcharging 100 Million

Multiple reports show that Dave Jones, the State Insurance Commissioner and State Farm are heading towards a major conflict. State Farm sued Jones who ordered State Farm to give a retroactive rate adjustment to refund over $100 Million to its insureds.


The matter is before San Diego County Judge Katherine Bacal whether to issue a stay of Jones November order, which mandates homeowners' insurance refunds dating back to July 2015.



ANSWERS to Shawn Steel PI Survey:

Your PI Practice in 2017

A. Do you expect your PI practice to?

  1. Grow in 2017 - 72.72%
  2. Stay about the same as 2016 - 13.64%
  3. See a decline in 2017 - 13.64%

B. Do you expect to enjoy PI Work?

  1. A lot more than 2016 - knowledge is power - 45.45%
  2. It will be ok, but not my number one - 22.73%
  3. It will be tougher and meaner - 13.64%
  4. Other - 18.18%

C. Do you expect to work and refer to MD's?

  1. As little as possible - 0.00%
  2. Sure, when no other choice - 22.73%
  3. Usually in major trauma or complicated cases - 59.09%
  4. Other - 18.18%


LA Jury Awards $1,041,697 to MVA Patient


Bill was driving on the 110 Freeway when he was rear-ended by a company vehicle owned by newspaper La Opinion.


Under care of a chiropractor, Bill received treatment and injections but he continued to experienced pain. In trial, Bill contended he would require future medical care.


Defendant disputed the extent of plaintiff's injuries and his chronic back pain.


Before the trial defendant, La Opinion offered $20,000, though plaintiff had over $40,000 in medical bills. The jury believed plaintiff be awarding: pat medical bills and $37,173 in future medical bills, $195,000 for past suffering, and $768,000 for future pain and suffering.


William Deloney vs. Martinez and La Opinion

LA Superior Court, Pasadena BC 508 736. Hon C. Edward Simpson presiding, August 4, 2016.



  • Note most of this award was based on past and future suffering. The jury was convinced plaintiff was genuine and suffered chronic back pain.



CHRISTMAS REMEMBRANCE: Reba & J.E. Willis - Chiropractic Pioneers - Dec. 8, 1920



Chiropractors husband and wife were arrested in Porterville on Dec 8 1920 under the Drugless Practioners's Act for practicing medicine without a license. Later they were sentenced to 100 days in jail or paying a $200 fine. Of course, they chose imprisonment. The picture of their three-year old twins in front of the jail went worldwide. Over 100,000 pieces of mail supported the Willis's. These pioneers and many other chiropractors led to the movement to legalize chiropractic through the initiative of the voter approval of the Chiropractic Act of 1922. Both were pardoned by republican governor Richardson in 1923.


We honor our pioneers in this Christmas Season.



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