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Routine Freeway Rear-Ender Turns Into Monster Case

Kristin is a 55-year-old high level accountant serving sophisticated and demanding clients. She was rear ended on the 91 Freeway in stop and go traffic. The impact forced her to strike the car in front of her and that car was forced to strike a fourth car.


Her life began to spin out of control. The City of Corona Fire Department transferred her to the local ER. Initially she sought care from a local competent chiropractor. The DC offered conservative care but also referred Kristin to a local marriage and family counselor (MFC) for sudden crying spells.


Her pain became intractable. Her first orthopedist evaluation suggested surgical intervention. We suggested she stay close to her DC and get independent opinions. She sought two Pain Management referrals before deciding to try epidurals in lieu of surgery. The epidurals were temporarily effective.


Sadly, Kristin lost many important clients due to her constant pain and loss of work focus.


She was referred to a clinical psychologist who determined that Kristin suffered a Temporary Brain Injury due to the air bags exploding in her face.


With this evidence the defendant tendered his policy limits of $100,000. Yet her case isn’t completed. Kristin had the good judgment to purchase a $1,000,000 under-insured motorist policy. Currently, Kristin is receiving conservative chiropractic and acupuncture care. She is also under the care of a prominent neuro surgeon. Both the DC and MD are co-managing her care.


The UIM case, to date, is not yet resolved.




·     This client had a high stress job. But this accident severely disrupted her job lifestyle. The DC made the right referrals to help her to an MFC which helps document her substantial loss of earnings.


·     Competent MFC’s are good listeners. They will take the emotional burden off the DC. And, generally, they are inexpensive. Patients should expect to pay cash for each session. We believe up to 6 sessions are reasonable. The MFC should write a very brief report – one paragraph – essentially stating that the accident caused emotional trauma. ICD-10 codes are not essential from an MFC.


·     The DC is patiently counselling Kristin not to rush into surgery unless it is truly the last resort.

Lewkovich and Proving Up Airbag Injuries

We believe one of the most under-diagnosed pathologies are AIRBAG injuries. The airbag is a missile that literally explodes in a micro second striking the body at 200 MPH inches from the head or chest. The damages can be horrific.


Those injuries can include:


·     Brain injuries

·     Heart attacks

·     Broken ribs

·     Severe abrasions leading to scars

·     Eye damage + many more injuries


Dr. Lewkovich offers an original new form to help document these major injury cases.


Contact johntawlian@shawnsteel.com for your copy.

Transparency is key. Whether it be between you and your PI attorney or between you and your client or between you and the doctors you refer your patient to. It is crucial to provide all key information. Take an active role in informing your PI attorney about potential issues such as prior injuries. Take an active role in informing your client about the amount of your bill and how billing will work for your services. Take an active role in communicating with the doctors to whom you refer your patients to about issues you foresee such as psychological issues or other potential pitfalls. Honest communication is the key to a case that runs smoothly.


For any questions feel free to email me: alexandereisner@shawnsteel.com


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Drugs, Opium and Alcohol Use to Blame for Trucking Accidents

Sadly, we hear it all over the news, we see it in our communities, we know people it has affected; there is a drug epidemic in our country. Drug deaths in America are rising faster than ever. Opioids are a class of highly addictive substances and are commonly prescribed for pain relief. Aside from the addiction, over-prescription, and its ability to be a gateway to other drugs, the opioid epidemic is also silently contributing to our nation’s highway death epidemic.


Other drugs include stimulates, cocaine and cannabis for the grueling driving schedules.


And add alcohol, truck accidents are on the increase with devastating damages.


If the truck company does not have sufficient insurance – perhaps a look at the driver’s medical history is warranted. If a prescription-happy medical doctor is giving away highly addictive drugs to a truck driver, the MD may have serious legal exposure.






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