Understanding and Using the Neck Disability PI Index by Gary Lewkovich

Focusing on proving injuries doesn’t have to be complicated. Functional improvement is usually more critical than proof of improving symptomatic complaints.

The Neck Disability Index [NDI] is the gold standard. 5 minutes is all that is needed with the staff scoring it. The NDI should be used once a month, for most PI cases.

NDI covers 10 of the most common daily activities such as:

  Pain intensity
  Personal Care
  Headaches etc.

Using NDI to ‘measure’ the patient’s disability is a precious PI tool:

  0-4 = no disability

All the way to

  + 35 = complete disability

The NDI’s value in PI cases justifies care on a monthly basis with solid evidence. This alone underscores medical necessity.

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Bakersfield Verdict 9 X Over Defendant Policy Limits

51-year-old Elizabeth Clark was hit on her passenger side and her vehicle rolled onto its top. She reported no injuries to the ambulance attendants. They did want her to get evaluated at the local hospital.

Defendant Barrett failed to see 5 red lights as he was crossing over 3 lanes to the left. At the same time Barrett was looking at his rear view mirror and didn’t realize Clark was in front of his car. Defendant admitted liability but claimed Clark suffered “minor sprain strain” injuries that should have resolved in 6 to 8 weeks.

At the ER Clark denied any injuries again. However, in the next two days her pain increased. Her family MD referred her to a DC. Clark saw Terry Morgan DC. After a careful workup by the DC with several MD specialists agreed she suffered from the following diagnosis:

  Upper cervical spine hyperlaxity;
  Barre-Lieou Syndrome;
  New disc protrusions superimposed on her DDD;
  Small disc herniation’s

Defendant offered $100,000 to settle. Clark demanded $140,000. The jury returned a verdict for $898,077 plus court costs.

Clark v Barrett S1500 CV 282578, May 12, 2016. Hon Judge Sidney P. Chapin presiding. Kern County Superior Court.


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