Traffic Collision Reports: key issues to always
double-check by Gary Lewkovich DC

Police reports are crucial. It is critical for any serious doctor to study the police report and gain understanding on how his patient got hurt. You should get your patient’s police report from his or her attorney. All insurance companies and lawyers study the police report. More than 90% are accurate and believable.

But some have errors that need to be noted.

What are some common errors that can ruin your patient’s case? Here is a partial list:

  Is the vehicle information accurate?
  Were witnesses listed?
  Were your patient’s injuries stated?
  Are the statements accurate?
  Were pictures taken?

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March 23 Survey Results Are in:

When writing a report do you:

1.   Not write a report at all but send the SOAP notes; or
2.   Write a very brief statement of physical report; or
3.   Write a comprehensive report detailing the accident history, physical exam, diagnosis, prognosis and disabilities.


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Ethical considerations in personal injury
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Attorney Disciplined for failing
to pay a medical lien

Vincent Quigg was suspended from the practice of law by the state bar on Nov 15, 2015. He failed to honor a medical lien after receiving auto accident BI settlement check from an insurance carrier. The Bar charged him with failure to pay the lien for more than 13 months.

Moreover, among other charges, the State Bar found him culpable of failing to properly pay funds to which his client was entitled.

He was suspended for 6 months and placed on probation for 2 years.

St Bar Number 108932, Long Beach

Drunk Driving

Americans travel some 233 billion trips in cars each year. One of every 3000 trips are driven by drunks. Almost, one of three traffic deaths involve drunk driving.

Each 53 minutes someone killed in a drunk driving crash [9,878 people in 2011]. Every two minutes someone is badly injured from a DUI driver.

Almost 1/3 of drunk drivers re arrests, crashes, deaths and injuries come from repeat offenders. At any point we share the roads with 2 million drunk drivers.

2/3 of the drunks or drug impaired come from people who, before they kill or injure have yet to be arrested.


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Common examination miscoding.(CMS controls)
Miscoding therapies and need to document time spent.
Common problems with diagnosis coding.

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