The long lasting Residuals of CONCUSSION injuries by Lewkovich

Each year some 1.7 million people suffer Minor Traumatic Brain Injuries [MTBI] usually from automobile accidents. After the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq increased awareness is growing in the medical and scientific communities.

Lewkovich cites a new major study by Yvonne Lui MD et al from NYU regarding MRI studies taken after MTBI. Among the evidence discerned is decreased brain volume and structural damage to regions of the brain.

The following Guidelines is are offered by Lewkovich when examining concussion patients:

First patient screen:

  Severe headaches
  Difficulty concentrating
[ + 20 more issues ]

30 Days post injury signs:

  Continuing emotional distress
  Signs of depression
  Mood swings
  Unresolved headaches

See abbreviated guidelines for Managing MTBI: 60 days post injury to 1 year post injury exams. Appropriate multi-discipline approach and family support. E-mail: for your copy.

San Bernardino Justice
Michael Parillo DC hero
Farmers Insurance Embarrassed

Zapporah Dixon 16 had to sue defendant because he ran a stop sign and T-Boned her car. Dixon suffered "connective tissue injuries" [NOT ‘soft tissue’]

Her medical bills were modest at $4,385. She demanded only $7,500 in settlement. Defendant offered a mere $6,000.

In a remarkable verdict, Plaintiff Dixon asked the Jury for $14,000 but the jury felt that we was not enough and awarded $29,385.

Dixon v Jung -- San Bernardino Sup Ct CIVRS 1208659, Nov 10, 2014. Hon. Janet M. Frangie


1.   You can go far with a pleasant positive patient in court;
2.   Dr. Parillo didn’t fall into the dreaded "SOFT TISSUE" trap. Instead, he properly diagnosed Dixon’s injuries as “connective tissue injuries”


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