September 13, 2019 | Friday - Special Edition
Beware of Allstate's Michelle Group
Mitchell Negotiation Services works for insurance companies to cut your fees. Mitchell is a new aggressive tactic by defendant insurance companies to cut the negotiation power away from the attorney.

Your office may soon be contacted by Mitchell. They will offer to pay your PI bill in advance – if you agree to cut your fee. 

For example, a DC in Long Beach was offered $290 to pay the doctor’s $580 bill [at the beginning of care]. That’s a 50% reduction!

If the doctor accepted this payment, the whole PI case would lose half its value — making the attorney and patient unhappy. 

A pre-settlement insurance offer requires a business decision. If you have no confidence in the PI attorney, this premature offer might make sense. If you like your patient, however, and trust the attorney accepting a reduced fee is sabotage. 

When you get this call – reach out to your PI attorney. Our office would then put Allstate on notice to stop interfering with our relationship with the treating doctor. 

For a copy of the Mitchell offer please contact
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Annual PI Summit

Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

@ The Westin Los Angeles Airport

PI Allstars : Sam Collins, Gary Lewkovich DC, Brad Glowacki DC, Mohsin Shah MD & Neurosurgeon, Shawn Steel Esq. & Alexander C. Eisner Esq.

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HJ Ross Insurance Seminars

San Francisco
Saturday, Sept. 14

Saturday, Nov. 2

All doctors are welcome to join us!

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